Loved by the Linebacker

In a man's world, Camila Lemos is one of the top sports agents in the market. The athletes beg for her attention, not just for business, but in the bedroom as well. However, feisty Brazilian beauty Camila is more than meets the eye and refuses to become involved with any of her clients, no exceptions.

Linebacker Evan Purser is the newest man in his family to join the NFL. Guided by his older brother and fellow teammate, he signs with Camila. Once the agent and the linebacker meet, anything but sparks fly.

As the tension rises, so do the feelings for one another, but neither will admit it. Evan can’t let go of the past. Camila’s not sure she can risk her reputation for love. When the walls are broken down, will a touchdown be scored or will it be yet another fumble for both?

Loved by the Linebacker: A Novella will be included in the the Score One for Sports boxed set coming out in August. Loved by the Linedbacker: A Novel is an extension of the novella so you won't want to miss out. Both will be releasing in August 2015! Add it to your TBR shelf on Goodreads.

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  1. Since the novella is not available any longer, does Loved by the Linebacker: A Novel contain both the novella as well as the novel?