Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Guest Post by ME!

I was asked a few months ago to write a guest blog post and it never came to fruition for a variety of reasons. Instead of letting it go to waste, I figured I'd share it right here with you all. So enjoy this guest post by yours truly!
Hello, everyone, author Lyssa Layne here. When I'm not busy chasing after my five-year-old mini me then you can find me at one of two places... behind my laptop, frantically typing to get the latest story out of my mind OR more likely at a MLB game. Growing up in the heart of America, smack dab in the middle of baseball country, I was born and raised a St. Louis Cardinals fan. In recent years, I have started to turn my daughter into a die hard Cards fan as well. We've spent many a hot and humid day waiting outside Busch Stadium for a glimpse, or hopefully, even an autograph or two from one of the players. There's a lot of downtime while we wait for the players to stroll in, some in fancy SUVs with tinted windows, others carpooling three or four teammates in tiny cars, so I have lots of time to daydream in between telling my child to stop doing cartwheels on concrete so she doesn't bust her head open. 
Being a writer, my mind is always exploding with ideas so I can leave a game with three or four new ideas by the time we get home. Of course, I'm usually too exhausted and hot to do anything other than jot down a couple words only for me to read them later and not have a clue what I was trying to say. #authorproblems Now, the great thing about being in St. Louis, is that many of the players live in the area and St. Louis is so large that you're bound to know someone, or know someone that knows someone that knows a player so research is easy to come by. I've heard many stories about players and the bottom line is that the majority of them are just regular, every day people, they work out at local gyms, their kids go to our public schools, they play trivia at the bar down the street, and chances are that you've probably been at the same place as them outside of the baseball fields and just not known it.
Now, for anyone that's read any of my books, you know that I like to write about the every day guy and girl so mix that with my love of baseball and the research I've done and viola-it's the recipe for my sports books! I also love to write about strong women which is why you'll find a female athletic trainer in The Right Pitch, a female sports agent in Loved by the Linebacker, and a strong, independent, single mother in Another at Bat. While a sports story might not intrigue all readers because it seems a bit manly or they don't watch sports at all there's a fine line of writing the romance while adding in the right amounts of sports to move the story along. For me, I write what interests me and what I'd want to read about and judging from the responses I've received from my books, there's lots of readers out there with the same interests as me!!!