Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wicked in the Quad Cities Signing~March 2017

Well, another signing is in the books for 2017, two down and five more to go! My mini-PA and I loaded up in the car and headed to Rock Island, IL for Wicked in the Quad Cities yesterday. If nothing else, we got cool points for the awesomeness of #twinning we had going on while we rocked our Lyssa Layne shirts and red Converses. 

We didn't realize there was a parade in town. We didn't get to see it but my mini-PA loved the decorations!

One of the best part of signings is catching up with old friends. Michele Shriver and I have been writing buddies since our charming days of Florida Georgia Line edits. I finally got to meet her last July at Writers on the River so it was great to see her again! Then I got to meet Amy Manneman who both her and Michele are in my upcoming box set, Luck of the Draw. We had a great time chatting and I'm pretty sure I accidentally made an inappropriate comment about "pulling out" in front of Amy's daughter so I apologize about that!

 My mini-PA was a great helper at first... until she found a friend to play with then she deserted me! Or she'd come back to hand out swag to readers but then she started trying to give my books away, too, and I was like, "No, baby, that's buying our dinner!" She was kind of like a Sour Patch kid, "first they're sweet then they're sour!"

At one point, she ran past me at Michele's table and was holding my book. I stopped her and asked what she was doing, she told me she was just reading one of my books aka looking for sight words. #thankgoodnessnaughtybitsarentsightwords

Emily Pearson's daughter and her split their time between the movie theater under Emily's table and the dance floor in the room beside the signing. It was funny to walk by Emily's table and catch sight of either my mini-PA's hair or shoes hanging out of her table. Thank goodness the book community is part of our village!

OMG! I was super pumped that Angie from Writers on the River was there! She sported a Lyssa Layne shirt and volunteered at the event. FYI-I have a couple tickets to give away to Writers on the River in Peoria, IL on July 8 so if you're interested, hit me up!

Aubrey Wynne had these adorable turtle bookmarks that my mini-PA was eyeing from the moment we got there. Since she did so awesome during the event, I let her buy one which she promptly wore as a necklace!

Then as we were walking back from the bathroom before we left for the day, I caught sight of a photobooth and yelled at Angie to come jump in the pic with us. 

Overall, it was a good afternoon! I got to see some great author friends, reunite with bloggers and readers, and the best part is that I'll see them all again in just a few months at Writers on the River!

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  1. It was awesome to see you again & your Mini is adorable & fun (and polite)!!

    Looking forward to WOTR! : )