Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hurricane Matthew & Indie Book Fest

Well, Indie Book Fest 2016 has come and gone and I wasn't there. WAH!!! Damn, Hurricane Matthew cancelled now one but TWO of our flights to Orlando. Our original flight was Thursday night and I got an email that it was cancelled on Wednesday morning. I changed our flight to Friday, going through Dallas, and missing the entire Friday of IBF but by the skin of my teeth if all the stars aligned and our flights were on time, I would make it to Fanfar Friday night. As luck would have it, I got an email Thursday morning saying our Friday flight was also cancelled. At that point, I had to concede because I knew there was no way I would make it to Orlando in time for the Saturday signing at 3PM plus it wasn't logistically worth it since we would be flying back to MO less than twenty-four hours later. Luckily, I had sponsored the nametags so my logo was all over AND my mom drove to Orlando Saturday afternoon and manned my table for me. So not all was lost although I really missed seeing familiar faces that I'd been looking forward to seeing for OVER a year. I'm thinking we need to have a mini-reunion sometime before next year's event... just putting that out there for everyone to stew on...

So let's talk about Matthew for a minute... I'd planned on sharing this story at IBF this year although some already know this. Let's rewind to July 2015, my first author event-Indie Book Fest 2015... I was so pumped to attend, scared out of my pants, but so excited! My goal was to sell one book, meet my author buddy, Karina, and hopefully learn something. I walked away from that event having far surpassed my goal, connecting with someone I'd never spoken to before (online or IRL) that had read my books and loved them, and friendships with fellow authors and readers that only flourished throughout the year. I was seriously on cloud nine... then I came home. In a quick summary, kind of like a vague Facebook post or end of a book that you can't even understand, I came home from IBF, my husband didn't speak to me for a week then told me he wanted to get divorced. I won't go into details but it was for the better for everyone so don't feel bad or say sorry, it just is what it is. Now, just because it was for the better doesn't mean it was easy by any means. I survived though, and I'm stronger because of it, thanks in part to some of the amazing people I met at IBF and my beyond awesome support system back home. Now, we can fast forward to IBF 2016... I was pumped to see everyone again, having more signings under my belt and having cultivated and grown both working relationships and friendships with a lot of these people. I'd been looking forward to this event for MONTHS as was my daughter and my mom who were going to attend with me. Then, up and came Hurricane Matthew... Matthew, my ex's name. Oh, the irony isn't lost on me...

Amazing job on the event to Tawdra and Mandie, I can't even imagine all the stress they had but the event looked like it was a success... minus me, of course! ;-) Thank you to my momma for stepping up and channeling your inner-Lyssa Layne for me! Thank you to Catalina Egan for helping out my mom and thank you to the amazing book world that gathered in Orlando this weekend, you all rock!!! Until next time... and I'm totally serious about a reunion before IBF 2017!

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