Monday, May 18, 2015

Keeping It Real: Valentine's Date

Someone, who I should really stop hanging out with because she keeps making my to-write list even longer than it already is!, suggested that I write a book on Valentine's Dates. I'm seriously contemplating the idea. I think it would be a series of short stories, probably minor characters from books already published. It would only be one day, February 14. Here are some of the characters that I'm thinking and their possible story:

1. Andy Garrity (Nick's father who is a widow)-He's going to be set up on a blind date. Of course, Abby and his granddaughters will be there to visit, maybe even Katy and Jesse.

2. Meg and Mark (Colie's sister and brother-in-law, they'll eventually get their own book)-They've been trying to get pregnant and today's a big news day for them.

3. J.P. and Bri (Jules' brother and Bentley's sister)-They're out for a date before baby #2 arrives in March.

4. Lee and Miranda Maverick (they're new, this is like a prequel to my country music singers book coming April 2016)-Lee and Miranda are both big country singers, married since before they were stars. Their relationship is at a point where someone has to make a decision, will Valentine's Day be that day?

I'd really like for it to be five stories so who else would you like to see. Remember, minor characters!

Side note: Happy third birthday, my sweet, beautiful, smart daughter!!!

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