Monday, April 6, 2015

Keeping It Real: Writing a Series

When I first started Love is a Fire, I had no intentions of making it a series. Then I wrote "The End", hit publish, and started being threatened by readers so I quickly wrote Burst Into Flame. I had this grand idea that I'd give Jeremiah and Patrick their own stories too... then I got sidetracked and now I've published four books since Burst Into Flame (#4 releasing tomorrow!). I have readers begging and requesting me to finish the series and I really want to... except that I'm sucked into other projects right now that excite me more. Obviously, I jumped into this series not knowing WTH I was doing... and I still don't really! So instead of calling my books series, I prefer to say I have "crossover characters." That works, right??? One day, I promise, ONE DAY, I will write books 3 and 4 in the Burning Lovesick series.

OH and now it looks like I'm starting a new Italian family series-Madonna mi!!!

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