Monday, March 2, 2015

Keeping It Real: Story Ideas!!!

So I've started keeping a list of stories I want to write. I make notes by them of objects, habits, scenes, etc...I want to write. I didn't realize how LONG my story list idea was until recently. Here let me run it by you, they are in no particular order...

1. Jeremiah's story-For those of you in the Lovers of Lyssa Layne, you know it's a major struggle bus with this story, but I'm finally making some headway.

2. Jace Richards-Yep, the bad guy from The Right Pitch is getting his own story thanks to my muse Dawn. I'm actually super pumped about this story as it's a bit of a Mighty Ducks theme where he falls for a single mom who wants nothing to do with him. Don't worry, I won't take it easy on him.

3. My Steamy Christmas story for the boxed set! I think I have a good idea. Westley and Tia were old boyfriend/girlfriend when Wes left town. Now he's back for Christmas for the first time in years and Tia takes him on a walk down memory lane.

4. Meg and Mark-Remember them from The Right Pitch? This is Colie's sister and their journey to become parents. It is not a romance story but it will be based off my infertility journey.

5. Country Singers-KK is the new up and coming country singer on tour with the big name and well-known Maverick. This story has been stewing since last summer!

6. Mia's brother is briefly mentioned in Fear of Striking Out. Well, in Abe's book we'll follow his story with Jordan-best friends forever and ready for something else?

7. Gavin and Kiera-Gavin is Sloan's brother & cop from My Favorite What If, Kiera is Sloan's business partner. The two pair up for a romantic suspense!

8. Patrick Doyle-The proby from Love is a Fire. Also, I'm actually super pumped about this book and would write it all ready except that I have to finish Jeremiah's first...ugh!

9. Oliver Pennington-brother of another character in one of my books (not out yet). He owns his own vineyard in Italy. No idea who his love interest is...

10. Benny and Isabel-Benny is Grant's best friend back in New York. Benny and Izzy have a teenage son together but never married. Benny is happy in their relationship but Isabel is ready to tell him to shape up or ship out!

11. Kip Deevers-Camila's colleague from Loved by the Linebacker. No idea on who his love interest is...a client's wife, a female athlete, who knows????

12. Gregg Turner-Camila's friend-with-benefits. Again, no clue on his love interest.

13. Solider and Airport Girl-He's home on leave, she's back to clean up her deceased uncle's affairs. Forced to share a cab, they go to his family's house on Christmas Eve and she's introduced at the girlfriend.

14. Blake Purser-Evan's older brother from Loved by the Linebacker. Can't tell you his love interest or it'll give it away!

15. Rich from Burst Into Flame???

Oh, so many ideas, and so little time!!!

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