Monday, March 23, 2015

Keeping It Real: Poor, Misunderstood Colie

Oh Colie Adger! Some people love her while others hate her. In fact, some thing she's TSTL! It broke my heart when I heard that readers couldn't stand her, thought she was self-absorbed, and of course, was TSTL. Let me tell you how I picture Colie, who seems to be misunderstood!

Colie is the younger, single sister. Meg seems to have it all, the perfect supportive man who she is about to marry. Colie on the other hand can't find a man so instead she chooses to focus on her work. Nothing that she's working in a man's world, she has to give more than most other trainers in the field. She doesn't want anyone thinking she was "given" anything along the way because of her friends.

When Jace comes into her life, she's beyond thrilled. A lot of readers HATE Jace (I wrote him that way) and said Colie let him control her and to a point, he did. Has no one out there ever wondered or thought about the crush that never happened? You've put him on a pedestal and honestly, if you came face to face with him again, hell he wanted to date, I think most of you would react the same way Colie did. Here's this gorgeous "perfect" man that wants her undivided attention, the man she wanted so many years ago. Yeah, he's a scoundrel but she eventually learn. Sometimes when things involve your heart, you don't really think with your mind, do you? And then there's Grant, one of her best guy friends. I know we all love Grant, I sure do, but Colie had to see what it was like with Jace. She couldn't just turn away from him without giving it a go.

Life isn't a straight road from start to finish. I don't know about you but I've deviated off the "obvious" choice a few times, I've done stupid stuff because of a man, and I've overlooked the good guy more than I care to admit. Did you know that I met my husband in May 2006 and we didn't have our first date until December 2006? Yeah, there may have been a Jace-type guy in that gap. So the point of this post is that Colie is just like you and me. She may not have been your typical heroine but she had to give love a chance. It bit her in the ass but hey, in the end, she got the good guy which is all that matters, right?

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