Monday, March 16, 2015

Keeping It Real: My Head Shot

I hate having my picture taken. What can I say? I'm a woman. Tell me one woman who likes to have their photo taken. One of my motivations for losing weight, especially around AR's birthday, is that I want to be in some photos to create memories for her down the road. Then I published a book and SOB, I had to have a headshot. Well, no way was I going out to get a professional headshot done, so I cropped myself out of our family picture from October 2013. I actually kind of love it and it's worked well!
Then in November 2014, we had our annual family pictures and I asked the photog to snap a pic of me for my headshot. Eh, it's okay, I'm not in love with it, but I do think I used it in the back of Fear of Striking Out. However, it's the current, real me. By real I mean, it's not a photo from a couple years ago when I was skinny, it's how I actually look!
Then the other day I was perusing old photos and came across this gem. It's from February 2014. As you can tell, I'm always BEHIND the camera but we were at a Valentine's Playdate and one of the other moms hiding behind the camera snapped this pic of me. I.LOVE.IT!!! 
It's totally me, cheesy smile (rarely do I just smile normally, ask any of my friends, family, co-workers) and camera in hand. It's not posed, it's just me chillin' with my friends and their kiddos and being a mom. I've never been a fan of posed pics, I'd much prefer photo journalistic style pics (hey, I was in the "in" with our wedding photos before that was really "in"). I mean I'd prefer a photo to tell a story about what's really happening, not what the photographer/models want you to think. You know like life is hunky dory while I plaster this fake smile on my face although I'm about to rip my husband's head off because he won't stop complaining about the tag in his shirt... just an example, not that it's ever happened. ;-). So although it's a year old, watch out for this beauty as my new headshot.

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