Monday, March 30, 2015

Keeping It Real: I've Improved

When I first entered the world of indie writing, I chatted with many seasoned authors. I was trying to learn the world of self-publishing, find the secrets, get to know more people in the community, and just generally trying to figure out WTH I was doing! I don't recall who told me this but I remember someone saying, "Your first piece of work is always your worst and everyone after will only improve." Honestly, that thought made me sad because I loved Katy and Nick. I didn't want them to be the worst part of me, I wanted them to be the best! Then I created Jules & Bentley, Colie & Grant, Mia and Tate, Sloan & Smitty and I fell in love with all of them until Katy and Nick were just a faint memory. You know kind of like your best friend from eighth grade that you swore you'd be BFF with for life and she'd be one of your bridesmaids in your wedding and then high school hits, you go your separate ways, meet Mr. Dreamy, get married, don't even invite her, and occasionally see her FB status updated in your newsfeed. Yeah, that's Katy and Nick. :-/

I'm going to be putting Love is a Fire in a boxed set at the start of 2016. I knew the book needed some more editing so as I sat down to read the story again, I one-fell in love and two-cringed at every page. I'd missed them just like I miss that bestie from eighth grade! I smiled as I remembered the good times they had, the ups, the downs, and most importantly all the love they shared. But then I cringed at some of the head hopping and typos-definitely NOT my best work!

My writing style has changed so much since I started and I think that's part of the reason I'm really struggling with Jeremiah's book because I have to get back in that mindset. Oh well, eventually I'll get his book done and just think, it'll be better than Katy and Nick's!

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