Monday, March 9, 2015

Keeping It Real: Covers in Hand

Back at Christmas, Carey from Safari Heat was having a cover sale and I ended up buying six covers!!! So far, I've only used one for Loved by the Linebacker and another matching cover (kind of, thank god Erney can work some magic!). Anyway, I still have five covers that I need to write stories for, here they go...

I think this one is going to be Oliver Pennington's cover, you'll read a wee bit about him in My Favorite What If
I bought this one because I'm wanting to do a military story but have no real concept. I have a good idea for a military AND Christmas story but it doesn't really fit this cover or the next one...any ideas???
How could I NOT pass this one up? But again, no story idea...
I bought this one with my steamy Christmas story in mind but the story I'm leaning toward doesn't really fit this one either. :-/
And lastly, I wanted to write a cowboy story and I'm thinking this just might be Abe Tomko's story (that's Mia's brother!).
So, I'm one for six with a possible second idea and then four book covers and no stories!!! Feel free to pass on suggestions and help me brainstorm!

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