Monday, February 9, 2015

Keeping It Real: Themes of my Books

So when I sit down to write a story, I usually have a general idea and then slowly let the story develop. I love brainstorming and thinking the story out ahead of time which is a win for many reasons. Usually, K.S. Thomas is the poor soul that will get my ongoing messages, without even giving her a chance to respond when I'm really excited and just typing as the story plays out in my mind. The other day, we were doing this and suddenly she made a comment that struck me. I hadn't even realized until she pointed it out! I have at least two underlying themes in my books: death and kids (not together!).

Death-Before I started Love is a Fire, I knew the ending so that one's no shocker. But then in Burst Into Flame, Sophia's mother passes. In The Right Pitch, Colie's father is gone, Everybody's After Love Jules' and Paulie's parents died in an accident, and in Fear of Striking Out, Mia's mom has passed (no spoilers in any of that, no worries).

Kids-Almost all my characters have kids in same way, shape, or form. The only story that's currently out that doesn't have a kid is The Right Pitch although don't worry, there's plenty of babies for those characters in the future (minor spoiler-sorry!), maybe even the villain, too!

I always just think it's crazy when someone else recognizes a theme that I didn't even know I was doing! So, have you seen any themes in my writing???

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