Monday, January 5, 2015

Keeping It Real: What I Subconsciously Write

So the more I write books and the more my family/friends read them, the more I realize my writing is a lot deeper than I originally thought. To the stranger reading, you would never know, but to those that know my life story, well, apparently I'm writing it in the form of fiction. Everybody's After Love was loosely based off my real life so let's dissect that one, shall we?

Ideas/Scenes Written on Purpose from Everybody's After Love
*Jules house is actually my real life house, the ugly farm drawings on the kitchen wall and all.
*The night fishing scene came from a memory of night fishing with a sorority sister of mine, L-Marie, and her family.
*I actually taught my husband the gummy worm trick, he decided the red ones catch the biggest fish.
*My husband and I actually met in line for a port-a-potty the first time we ever met. Technically, the port-a-potty was Jules and Bentley's second meet.
*About a month after my hubs and I started dating, there was a huge ice storm and a tree fell on my house. When I was at work, he surprised me and came over to cut it off! And that led to one of the final scenes in Everybody's After Love.
*I love all things sweet just like Jules! And I also despise coconut.
*My hubs did help me make a mosaic mirror thing for some friends' of ours wedding.

It's always nerve wracking to put your work out there. What will the public think about it? How will they react? But more importantly, what will the people that know me think? Well, no worries, my sister and my one friend will text/tweet me as they're reading. Sometimes I smile and other times, I'm like OMG-I never even thought about that while writing!

 Here are some tweets from them:
 My sister: I love reading your books and smiling at the inside items..chocolate chip cookies, songs. Makes me

My friend in response to my sister:   don't forget about green checkered floors, red walls, peanut butter m&m's and coconut(toe nails)

And my sister again:   county fair Sandy the boxer 

Subconscious Ideas
Here are some ideas from my books that I didn't even realize touched on my real life until the two of them pointed it out...
Paulie (J.P.)-J.P. is a mix of my dad and my sister. When I moved back to STL, my dad wanted me to buy a house. I hated every second of it in the beginning. When I had roots in my pipes and the basement flooded, I was cursing him out. But like any father, he knows best and in the long run it was worth it. Also, my parents divorced when I was in fifth grade. I lived with my dad and my sister (who is eight years older than me) so in a way, it's a bit of a Paulie-Jules relationship. 
Backdraft-Have you seen the movie Backdraft? If not, you're missing out! This was the first "grown-up" movie I remember seeing in theaters. The entire way home I sobbed, "Why did the cute guy have to die?" After my sister read Love is a Fire, she called me and the first thing she said was, "All I can think about is you crying after Backdraft." Honestly, while writing that book, the movie never even crossed my mind. 

So yeah, apparently I write a bit deeper than I intend to!

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