Monday, January 26, 2015

Keeping It Real: My Book Signing at Hastings!

Two Saturdays ago, I had my second book signing and event. It was in my hometown at Hastings. For those of you not familiar with Hastings, they are a nation-wide chain that sells books, music, DVDs, etc... I'm trying to stock pile my books for Indie Book Fest that I'll hopefully be attending with K.S. Thomas this summer. I try to order a few a month and rather than let them just sit in my basement, I have them on consignment at Hastings. When I dropped off the books in November, they asked if I wanted to do a signing and I was like, uh... yes! Check it out, here's my poster for Everybody's After Love and my books on display. 

Going into Saturday, I was worried that no one would come. I mean when I did the library event back in November, I didn't sell a single book and barely had anyone stop and talk to me (other than to be polite!). So, needless to say, I wasn't really looking forward to it...

I shocked myself at how professional my table looked! I started the day with the goal to sell three books which was ten percent...Oh and let me tell you how BOTH of the shirts I brought had stuff on them so my sister was frantically trying to spot wash/dry them for me. Thanks, Sha Sha, you're the best!
The signing had barely started and in walked a girl in sunglasses, reading the sign on the door. I laughed at her joke and then realized, "Hey, I know you!" It was my baby cousin, who is almost twenty-one, but the last time I saw her she was in high school! Her parents were with her so it was great to catch up with them. My cousin had curly hair like AR's and whenever someone mentions cutting AR's hair, I always think about my cousin so her dedication had a note about that.
Next walks in a girl I went to high school with and her sister. Surprisingly, they just happened to walk in with no idea I was there or had even wrote a book! It was great to catch up with them. Of course, I didn't think to get a pic until after they left. :( Thank you though, Kayla and sis for your support!

Then my long time friend, and always supporter whether it be moving cross country, running 42 flights of stairs, throwing a baby shower, cake hunting, or spreading the love about my books, Laura came to visit. 
My namesake's mom and sister stopped by to show their support. They're sending one to California for my namesake! She's a doctor, too, so maybe I'll pick her brain for future books.
My Girl Scout buddy, Gabe stopped by! Of course, we spent the majority of time talking about her new, sweet baby.
Mama Laura came by, too! I played soccer with her daughters back in high school. She had read Love is a Fire and commented that she couldn't believe it was me writing that. I always blush but my response is, "Hey, it's no FSOG!"
My childhood best friend's older sister (and likewise my honorary older sister) came by to get a set for both fams. She even bought one for her sweet Mimi since she was the inspiration for the Mimi in Love is a Fire. She reminded me of a prank she pulled on me in middle school, took pics, and posted in the local newspaper on my sixteenth birthday. Keep that in mind, you might be reading in that in a book some day!
And another bestie from back in the day, WAY BACK, stopped by. She's still pissed at me about Nick Garrity, but came to show her support and get some more books.
Overall, I far surpassed my goal of three books, but more than anything, it was great to see familiar faces and while it's been years since I've seen most of them, it's awesome how after all this time, they still support me. A huge thank you to those that came to see me, purchased books, and always have my back. I also have to thank those of you that reminded me of old memories that will more than likely appear in future books.

After the signing, my sister and I went out to dinner with some of her high school friends (she recently joined FB and is kindling old friendships). Dinner was a-ma-zing and to top it off, the day was finished with this little bit of heaven-Baked Alaska! I'd definitely call the day a success in my book!

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