Monday, January 12, 2015

Keeping It Real: Being in a Boxed Set

In case you missed it, The Right Pitch is in a boxed set called Heroes to Swoon For. This is the first boxed set I've ever been included in. First off, I was honored to just be asked, especially with the talented authors that comprise our set. Second, I had no idea what I was getting into. Honestly, my whole goal of being a part of the boxed set was just to expand my readership, which I totally did (Hi Rebecca A!). I also thought that maybe, just maybe, I'd actually break even on a book.

Once the process started, I sat back and listened to the more experienced authors. It's always hard to get a group to decide on one thing, but for the most part, we all got along and agreed on the majority of the items. We each had a task, mine being partying and takeovers. Apparently, that seems to be my expertise! Once the set released, we just sat back and watched our advertising and hardwork to see what happened.

And...I'm happy to report that after only a month of sales for the set and just eight days of sales of The Right Pitch on its own, I have FINALLY broke even on a book, possibly even made a little profit. Woohoo!!!

Now, let me say that I didn't start writing just for the money nor do I plan to quit my day job for writing. A friend explained it perfectly to me and while I still get discouraged at times because I haven't made back my money, I still try to keep this in mind. Basically, it goes something like this...I like to write. Writing is my hobby. Hobbies cost money. If I were a photographer and needed a new lens, I would spend money. With writing, I spend money on editing, covers, etc...The only difference with my hobby is that I have the potential to earn some money back.

Isn't that a great philosophy? It really is, but like I said, it can be discouraging at times when I see how much I've spent and how little I've made. However, my core group of fans and friends that tell me how much they enjoy reading my stories and love my characters make me forget about the entire money aspect and that's what keeps me writing more, more, more! So thank you for that encouragement and support!

As always, I'm way off topic. So the whole point of this is BOXED SETS! Overall, I would say it was definitely a good investment in my time, money, and more importantly, experience. I still don't have any idea on how certain things work, but I have a clearer understanding on some new ideas. Would I do it again? Absolutely and I am! As of now, I'm going to be in two boxed sets in 2015 so stay tuned!!!

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