Monday, December 29, 2014

Keeping It Real: Christmas Story HELP!

Okay, today's Keeping It Real is a cry for HELP! So far, my biggest success has been with The Right Pitch because it's a part of a boxed set. Moving forward, I'm thinking I should probably try to be involved in at least one-two boxed sets/year so that I can make some money on this whole book writing escapade and keep at it. For 2015, I have two opportunities for boxed sets for far.

The first being a sports novella that will be due out sometime in June. At this time (and it's subject to change), but I think the hero will be Benny Martinez from The Right Pitch. I haven't worked out all of his storyline, but I've got an idea or two floating around in my head. I'll keep you posted.

Now, the other set is a Christmas themed set with a pet involved. Oh, and it has to be sweetsy (I think), meaning no sex on scene. :-/ So let's focus on what this story should involve. A pet. Well, I'm a dog lover but that seems kind of generic. No cats, sorry, or goldfish. Definitely no reptiles, so maybe a dog it is. Perhaps a stray? A dog at the pound that needs a home? I don't know, let's figure that out together.

The other part is WHO are these Christmas themed characters??? I'm thinking they have to know each other since the book has to be centered around Christmas time. Exes? Former crushes? Neighbors? HELP!!!

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  1. I'd go for neighbors, maybe suffering from loss be it divorce or some other tragedy, loss of job etc. Dog as one pet and Horse as the other. The animals befriend each other. Neighbors don't like each other due to the tragedy . But the animals bring them together for a Christmas holiday they will never forget.