Monday, December 29, 2014

Keeping It Real: Christmas Story HELP!

Okay, today's Keeping It Real is a cry for HELP! So far, my biggest success has been with The Right Pitch because it's a part of a boxed set. Moving forward, I'm thinking I should probably try to be involved in at least one-two boxed sets/year so that I can make some money on this whole book writing escapade and keep at it. For 2015, I have two opportunities for boxed sets for far.

The first being a sports novella that will be due out sometime in June. At this time (and it's subject to change), but I think the hero will be Benny Martinez from The Right Pitch. I haven't worked out all of his storyline, but I've got an idea or two floating around in my head. I'll keep you posted.

Now, the other set is a Christmas themed set with a pet involved. Oh, and it has to be sweetsy (I think), meaning no sex on scene. :-/ So let's focus on what this story should involve. A pet. Well, I'm a dog lover but that seems kind of generic. No cats, sorry, or goldfish. Definitely no reptiles, so maybe a dog it is. Perhaps a stray? A dog at the pound that needs a home? I don't know, let's figure that out together.

The other part is WHO are these Christmas themed characters??? I'm thinking they have to know each other since the book has to be centered around Christmas time. Exes? Former crushes? Neighbors? HELP!!!

Aroused & Desired by Jade Kerrion

Title: Aroused
Author: Jade Kerrion
 Release Date: December 29, 2014


Recently divorced, Dr. Vera Rios is too busy navigating the potholes of single parenthood to look for Mr. Right, but along comes a man who cherishes her, adores her daughter, and helps her find her sexy groove. The only problem: Mr. Perfect is an escort.

Rowan Forrester conceals many other secrets, one of which threatens the happiness he finds with Vera. Can love find a way, or will Vera have to choose between her beloved daughter and the man of her dreams?

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Title: Desired
Author: Jade Kerrion
 Release Date: December 29, 2014


At seventeen, Gabriel Cruz and Valeria Trevino exchanged promise rings and agreed on the grand plan for their life, including marriage, children, and a happily-ever-after. Twenty years later, “The Plan” is on track, and a key milestone—Gabriel’s partnership in a law firm—is within grasp, but Valeria derails their shared lives by demanding a divorce.

Valeria can’t explain her decision, but she is compelled by a desperate need for something more than they had agreed upon. What can they do when the foundation of their grand plan crumbles beneath them?

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Author Bio

Jade Kerrion writes award-winning and occasionally best-selling science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary novels anchored on unlikely romances you will root for and happy endings you can believe in. Her favorite romance is the Double Helix love triangle between Galahad—the lab-created perfect human being; Danyael—an alpha empath and Galahad’s physical template; and Zara—the woman who can wreak more havoc with love than most people can with hate

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Keeping It Real: Writer's Block

Welcome to the second edition of keeping it real! Today I'm going to talk about modern day "writer's block." I do most of my brainstorming and story developing in my head... on my drive to and from work. The words are beautiful, well scripted, and flow perfectly...

Then I sit down in front of my computer with a good two-three hour stretch of time to do nothing but write. I open up the document, skim through the last section I wrote, type a sentence and then oh, I'd better go check Facebook. Hmm...nothing new there. Maybe someone left a new review on Goodreads. Nope, still the same numbers. I wonder what the Amazon rank is on Heroes to Swoon For. Oh, don't forget KDP, I need to see if I sold any books. Sweet! I did. Okay, so if I sell X amount of books/day and I make X amount off the book and I spent X to publish it, I only need to sell 1,284,203 to break even. :-/ Yeah...

By the time that whole process is done, an hour has passed. Hmm...I better start writing so I go back to the doc, but I can't get that number out of my head. I need to sell books!!! What can I do to sell books that won't cost me more money??? OH! I know, I can post my link in the 4,859 book lovers group that I belong to. Let me go post in five groups, only five... Twenty groups later, okay, that's good, I'll probably get at least one sale, right? Back to the doc...

Three paragraphs in and crap, Sloan needs a bridesmaid dress, better head over to Pinterest. Scroll through image after image, cute, like it, not quite right, oh maybe for another story-start a new board for future book idea. Well, now I need characters for my future book, better look them up. Now, what will be their names. Hmm, Babycenter will have some good ideas...

Okay, new story idea pinned, now back to my WIP. Slides, hm, already used that word in the last sentence., move, glide, drift. Okay, okay, one of those will work. *Yawn* Wow, it's past my bedtime! Better shut down the computer and head to bed.

And that my friends, is my modern day "writer's block" or the story of how I have ADD. If only I could "think" my words onto paper, I'd write a whole novel in a week!

Defined by Others by MCV Egan

Monday, December 15, 2014

Keeping It Real

So obviously, my Wordpre$$ blog got shut down if you haven't noticed. Apparently, I was doing too much promo and not enough "being real." I get it, I really do, but posting for other authors is a way to show the love and support each other. I still plan on doing that, but I'm vowing to write one "real" blog post/week. You know, to keep it real!

I'll try to keep them all related to writing in some way, shape, or form. Maybe I'll vent about how tired I am of posting in FB groups day after day and only getting one sale, maybe I'll discuss how expensive indie publishing can be, how I could probably have twenty books written but I waste the majority of my writing time on Facebook, the progress on a book, OR maybe I'll discuss with you my thoughts on reviews. Eek-so many exciting things, I know you can hardly stand it, right??? I will definitely be asking for help brainstorming. I have a sports novella that I just can't get motivated on!

And who knows, maybe it won't be writing related at all. Maybe I'll have some awesome recipe to share, like the cheese broccoli casserole I made at Thanksgiving and am now obsessed with, or I'll go on some awesome trip, meet someone super cool, and I'll want to tell you about it. I don't know what I'll write, but whatever it is, it will be real, it will be me, and I'll post it every Monday. So here's my first post in "Keeping It Real" and here's to hopefully many more!

Secret Hudson by K.S. Thomas

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Starting Over by Michele Shriver

Title: Starting Over
Author: Michele Shriver
 Release Date: December 9, 2014


Liz Matthews agrees to a blind date for her daughter’s wedding with only one goal in mind- making her ex-husband jealous. The plan works, but also backfires as she finds herself enjoying the company of her younger date.

Widower Bennett Grayson has his hands full enough adapting to single parenthood of a teenage son and has no intention of falling in love again.  When a friend arranges a blind date, Ben reluctantly accepts as a favor to his friend, but gets more than he bargained as the funny and charming divorcee catches his eye.

Brandt Matthews has much to atone for in life, starting with his daughter and his ex-wife. In spite of their troubled marriage, the one constant for Brandt has been Liz, until a new man in her life makes him realize how much he stands to lose- or has already lost. 

As Liz and Ben embark on a new adventure called dating, they are faced with a host of challenges, including the ghosts of the past and Ben’s son Landon, who wants nothing to do with his father’s new girlfriend.  Can they overcome the obstacles and start a new life together,  or will Liz succumb to Brandt’s charms again?

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Something was wrong with this picture, Ben decided as he watched Liz dance with her ex-husband. Oh, they certainly made a very attractive couple as they moved across the floor with a grace that reflected many dances together. And Brandt looked at Liz the way Ben expected she wanted him to look at her—as if she was the only woman in the world. Heck, at one point it even appeared Brandt would kiss her, right there in front of his date, and hers, and an entire wedding party. Liz’s plan to get Brandt’s attention seemed to be working to perfection.
So why didn’t she look happy to be on the receiving end of that attention? Why did she pull away, rebuffing Brandt’s attempt to kiss her, rather than moving into it? And why was Ben so relieved when she did? His role was supposed to be to make Brandt jealous, and suddenly Ben was the jealous one.
The song ended and Liz separated herself from Brandt and made her way back to where Ben stood. “Sorry about that,” she said.
“Don’t be. I know my role.” He’d played it well so far, and Ben planned to continue. “I would like to dance with you, if you’re still interested.”
“I am, yes.”
Ben took Liz’s hand and led her to the dance floor and settled his hand in the small of her back. He hadn’t shared a slow dance with anyone but Amy in two decades, and he hoped he wouldn’t trip over his own feet. “We get a better choice in songs, at least,” he remarked as Lifehouse’s You and Me began to play. The lyrics were appropriate, too, since Ben couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of Liz, and he sure couldn’t explain why.
“I was thinking the same.”
“So you don’t like Endless Love, either?”
“Not so much, no,” Liz said. “Brandt thought he was being cute by requesting it. It was our wedding song.”
She didn’t sound at all happy about it, which would match her expression during the dance. Ben officially had no idea what to make of Liz’s relationship with her ex-husband. “And you don’t look back on your wedding day fondly?” He hoped he wasn’t prying. Surely, she’d understand that he had some questions, given the events of the afternoon.
“Oh, the wedding day was fine,” Liz said. “It’s the marriage that left something to be desired.”
“Yet you still want him back.” It was a statement, not a question.
Liz frowned. “What gave you that idea?”
So she claimed to not want Brandt back? Now Ben was more confused than ever. “Not what. Who. Todd, when he suggested this whole thing to me.”
“Of course. I should have figured.” Liz chuckled. “I’m afraid our mutual friends don’t always understand my somewhat twisted history with Brandt.”
“That makes three of us, then,” Ben said. “Are you saying you don’t want him back?” He found himself hoping that was the case, although the whole jealousy plan would then make even less sense.
“I wish I could give you an easy answer.” Liz sighed. “It’s a long story. Maybe I’ll get a chance to tell you sometime. I probably owe you that much, given what you’ve had to put up with today. For now, can we just dance? I like dancing with you, Bennett Grayson.”
Ben nodded, happy to oblige. “I like dancing with you too.”


By the time she left the museum following the reception, Liz wanted a warm bath, a cold glass of wine and the chance to unwind and reflect after an afternoon that managed to be joyous, bittersweet, and maddeningly confusing all at the same time. First, she had an obligation to get her date back home safely. Although he’d played his part to perfection, Liz figured Ben was probably more than ready for their date to be over. And who could blame him? He’d just endured an afternoon with a babbling, blubbering mother-of-the-bride who couldn’t seem to make up her mind what she wanted from her ex-husband.
She silently cursed Brandt as she drove back to Concord. Maggie had certainly nailed it when she remarked on Brandt’s ability to mess with Liz’s head and heart. He’d done plenty of both today, from showing up with Marissa, to choosing their wedding song for the dance, the barely-averted kiss attempt and then almost sounding regretful when she reminded him of the infidelities that ended their marriage.
“You’re very quiet all of the sudden,” Ben remarked.
“Just tired. It’s been quite a day,” Liz said. “Besides, I figure you’ve probably had enough of me by now.”
“Actually, I had a good time today. I enjoyed getting to know you, Liz.”
“Me too,” she admitted as she pulled the car to a stop in front of Ben’s house. He was intelligent, funny and a perfect gentleman. Oh, and gorgeous. How could she forget that? “You’re a good sport for going along with all of this.”
“Like I said, I enjoyed it.” He shrugged. “And hey, I got to put those acting classes to good use.”
Acting classes. That’s right. None of his attention was real. She needed to remember that. “I’m glad they came in handy.” She gave him a smile. “Good night, Ben.”
 He unfastened his seatbelt, but instead of reaching for the door handle he turned to face her. “Good night, Liz.” He put his hand on her cheek and brushed his lips across hers.
When Brandt tried to kiss her, Liz’s first instinct had been to pull away. This time, her body had the opposite reaction. It didn’t want to pull away. It wanted to move closer. It wanted to respond to the sensation of Ben’s lips on hers. Common sense prevailed, though. “There’s no one else around.” The words came out slightly breathless. “You don’t have to pretend to be interested in me anymore.”
“I know that,” Ben said, then let himself out of the car.

Author Bio

Michele Shriver writes women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her books feature flawed-but-likeable characters in real-life settings. She’s not afraid to break the rules, but never stops believing in happily ever after. Michele counts among her favorite things a good glass of wine, a hockey game, and a sweet and sexy book boyfriend, not necessarily in that order.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Heroes to Swoon For Release Day!!!

11 Sizzling Contemporary Romances

New Release Sale Price
$0.99 Limited Time

Purchased separately, the books in this set would cost over $30. Nine Full-Length Novels, 1 Novella, and 1 Short Story from NY Times, USA Today, National and International Bestselling Authors.

We all need a hero! Preferably a hot, muscled, romantic one who's not afraid to fight for the woman he loves. From firefighters to athletes, and artists to rockers, these swoon-worthy heroes will keep you on your toes and weak in your knees. Slip into a reading adventure that will have you panting for more: fun, steam, and thrills.

Authors include:

Jade Kerrion, Chantel Rhondeau, Rachelle Ayala,
Lyssa Lane, Michele Shriver, P.C. Zick, K.S. Thomas,
Stacy Eaton, Melinda Curtis, Jennifer Saints, and Julie Leto

Release Date: December 8, 2014




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Aroused by Jade Kerrion

Can falling in love with a gorgeous male escort lead to anything except inevitable heartbreak?

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Blazing Love by Chantel Rhondeau

An emotionally injured veterinarian assistant struggles to resist the heat of a blazing hot firefighter, but she can’t avoid the flames of his passion.

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Roaring Hot! by Rachelle Ayala

A playboy motorcycle racer hires an aspiring actress when he is challenged by his grandmother to bring a real girlfriend to her birthday party.

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The Right Pitch by Lyssa Layne

Colie Adger is torn between the lavish attention from a big shot pitcher and the common sense of a solid friend. Can Colie figure out her own heart and hit a homerun off the right pitch?

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The Art of Love by Michele Shriver

After watching her parents' marriage crumble, jewelry artist Chelsea Matthews doesn't believe in love, but a sexy painter sets out to win her heart and prove that good guys do exist.

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Behind the Altar by P.C. Zick

All seems perfect in Leah's life until tattoo artist Dean rides his Harley into her heart in this story of forbidden love.

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Lost Avalon by K.S. Thomas

Blaise Nolan has it all - brooding good looks, a haunting voice and troubled lyrics of a soul gone lost. Only he didn't wind up brooding, haunted and lost by accident...

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Second Shield by Stacy Eaton

Agent Drew Bradley goes undercover to find an officer gone rogue, but what he finds in Detective Sergeant Mackenzie McAllister is nothing he every expected.

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Amber Rules by Melinda Curtis

One of the first assignments of life coach to the rich and famous, Amber Rule, is to improve the game of Evan Oliver, one of the biggest bad-asses in the NBA.  Will Amber up Evan's game? Or will he teach her a new set of rules?

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Wild Irish Ride by Jennifer Saints

Wild Irish Ride Sexy, Southern Suspense. Jesse was Alexi's forbidden fruit, the one man she couldn't forget and can't resist. After twelve years he's back for her--so is a killer.

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How You Remind Me by Julie Leto

Sexy guitarist Shaw Tyler knows lawyer Kate Schaffer’s personal fantasies. Trouble is, she doesn’t remember why. She longs for a passionate liaison with Shaw, but is she willing to take the chance at reliving past mistakes?

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