Monday, August 4, 2014

Love is a Fire has been approved by HOT FIREMEN!

Check it out! These local firemen found a copy of Love is a Fire and gave their stamp of approval!

IMG_20140724_201517My husband volunteers at the local fair every summer. There's always a fire truck there so I brought a couple copies of my book, really just looking for an excuse to chat with some hot firemen. They were really excited when I told them about my book! The men asked all about it, told me that the only thing that was real on tv shows was the drama, and then asked where they could get a copy for their wives. Sorry, ladies, these men are all taken! I took the first picture and one of them didn't like his smile so he made me take it again! I think around Christmas time, I'll be hanging out at the fire station giving the guys some gift ideas for their wives! A big thank you to the crew of WFD for supporting me and I hope you (your wives) enjoy the book!

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