Sunday, August 10, 2014

Everyone say Hi Jimmy!

Everyone say hi to my creative editor of Love is a Fire! His name is Jimmy and he's pretty awesome. Jimmy and I were best lunch pals on Twitter meaning that we'd always commiserate or appreciate the other's lunch. Whether it be PBJ, lunch with pals, or just leftovers from the night before, we'd always be excited or empathize with each other.

When I finished the original draft of Love is a Fire, it just sat there. I didn't know what to do so I began my research and found that I needed an editor. My search for an editor was coming up dry until Jimmy and I were tweeting about our lunches. I knew he was in video production and I read that he was an editor. A couple direct messages later and my editor was found!

After Jimmy's first edit, I added almost 10, 000 words to the story! Chapter 15 wasn't there originally but he informed me I needed more fire drama. He also got me to break down my timid sex scenes and embellish them a bit more i.e. New Year's Eve. We also changed some characters names up and added some more tension between a certain two characters. Overall, I was beyond ecstatic with the input Jimmy gave me.  Jimmy showed me so much support and excitement that sometimes I think he was more excited than I was about my book!

Jimmy is extremely talented with what he does in his line of work as a director and film maker. He's actually starting his own business and producing his own movie! We both can relate to the waiting game, lack of funds game, and having too many ideas to be able to do them all game. Oh us artists, it's a tough life, isn't it? So unfortunately for me, Jimmy won't be able to help me out with future novels but I know that he'll always be one of my biggest fans! Check out this tweet from him:

I edited a book! So proud of you, !

Thank you for all your help and support, Jimmy, but also thank you for being my real life lunch buddy now! Best of luck in all your adventures.




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