Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chandelier Drop - Fire Engine Red - Heart and Arrow - Free Standing Lace Embroidery

Hey everyone! What do you think of these amazing Chandelier Drop earrings? The amazing Katie from KT Images Embroidery donated them to the Burst Into Flame Cover Reveal giveaway. I ran a contest on my Facebook page asking people what they thought Jesse O'Neil's secret was in Burst Into Flame. I heard everything from he had a kid to Nick had a kid to that he was secretly in love with Nick or maybe Jesse was even involved in the final fire in Love is a Fire. No worries though, you'll find out soon enough when Burst Into Flame is released next month!

A big thank you to Katie at KT Images Embroidery for the amazing donation. I love your work and creativity! Ladies, go scout out her shop and start building your wishlist and men, go start your Christmas shopping early!
chan earrings

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