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Saturday Morning Characters: Rosemary Spelling from Murderous Lies by Chantel Rhondeau

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Morning Characters! Today we'll get to know Rosemary Spelling from Murderous Lies by Chantel Rhondeau.

murderousliesIntroduction to Rosemary from Chantel Rhondeau

Hi Chantel! Thanks for visiting with me today. Please tell me a little bit about Rosemary Spelling.

I’ve been writing for the last eight years, but started publishing two years ago when I found my true writing love—Romantic Suspense! Rosemary Spelling is the heroine of my new release, Murderous Lies. Her story came to me in a dream and she had such a strong voice, she just wouldn’t let me go, even though I had books that should have been written before hers.

Tell us more about Murderous Lies.

Rosemary has to face Max, the man she has always believed murdered her sister, when he is exonerated and released from prison. Her heart is in conflict, because Max is also her ex-fiancĂ© and the only man she’s ever really loved. When her life is threatened, the police believe Max is back up to his old tricks, but Rose questions that. Max is determined to find the real killer and win her back.

Do you relate to Rosemary? If so, how?

Rose is very strong and practical, probably more so than I am. She works hard to do what needs to be done. I really admire her.

Is Rosemary based off someone you know in real life?

I take character traits that I see in people and also a lot of traits from myself, but my characters are never based on any one person.

In real life, would you and Rosemary hang out?

I like Rose, but she’s much too busy trying to take care of her mother and keep her life from falling apart to hang out. I do think we’d be friends, though.

What would you two discuss over drinks?

Cats. Rose’s furry little friend is the only character I’ve ever had based on a real-life ‘person.’ Gizmo is my cat in real life and my writing buddy, and he’s Rose’s best friend in the book.

Why do you love this character?

I love Rose’s determination to keep pushing forward no matter the odds stacked against her.

Anything else we need to know about her?

Before her sister’s murder, Rose had plans to become a music teacher. She had to give that dream up when her mom had a mental breakdown, but she still plays the piano beautifully.

Interview with Rosemary Spelling

Rosemary Spelling

Hi Rosemary! We’ll start off easy with your favorites. Tell us your favorite and why:

Color- White – it is clean and uncomplicated

Food- Well, Max made me delicious orange chicken. I love anything, really, that isn’t a crappy frozen meal.

Drink- I mostly drink water, but I love an occasional beer.

Subject in school- Music, definitely. I wanted to be a music teacher, but that dream died with my sister.

Where did you grow up?

A cute little house on the lake in Clarkston, Oregon. My life seemed so magical as a kid and teenager. When Mom had her mental breakdown and burned it to the ground, I had to move into a place that isn’t so nice.

Tell us about your family…

My baby sister was a brat, but I loved her dearly. I’m the one who found her body, and it still haunts me. I miss her. Dad couldn’t handle the stress and flaked out, got himself a new family. It’s just Mom and I now. I had to put her in an institution so that I can work without worrying about her hurting herself while I’m gone, but I keep hoping one day she will snap out of her delusions.

How did your last relationship end?

Max is my only real relationship. After he was arrested for Sage’s murder, I never spoke to him again until he showed back up at town.

Tell us your thoughts on love.

I want all those things, I really do. But I don’t have time for anything but work right now. Luckily, my cat snuggles with me every night, so I’m not too lonely.

Is it true you were going to break off your engagement to Max in order to go to college?

Yes, it’s true. Stupid, right? As a teenager, I thought getting out of Clarkston and following my dreams was more important than love. I feel horrible for hurting Max—when he first came back to town, I told him the truth and it crushed him.

Thanks Rosemary and Chantel for stopping by today! For a limited time, Murderous Lies is on sale for only 99 cents!

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