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Saturday Morning Characters: Bipp from Secrets of the Elders

Good Saturday Morning! Today we'll be meeting  Bipp from David Matthew Almond's novel Secrets of the Elders. Today is a day of first! It's my first male author to participate in Saturday Morning Characters AND my first time to interview a gnome!

David Matthew Almond

Introduction to Bipp from David Matthew Almond

Hi there David and welcome to Saturday Morning Characters! Tell us a little bit about yourself and Bipp who I'm excited to meet.

‘ello there! I am and have always been an avid reader of all genres. If it is good I will give it a whirl. Since I was little I have wanted to write stories, there has always been that unyielding itch below the surface that keeps bubbling up again and begging to be scratched. As generally happens, life got in the way and I spent the last 19 years working in IT and then running restaurants with ever growing responsibility and shrinking time. The last several years I committed to making the time to write and it has been the most fulfilling experience of my life.

Bipp is one of the supporting characters in Secrets of the Elders. He is a three foot tall gnome engineer who is lost in the wilds after a series of unfortunate circumstances. However, this works out to his favor, as he meets the human who will become his best friend, Logan Walker.

Sounds interesting, tell me more about Secrets of the Elders.

Secrets of the Elders is a tale of awakenings more than anything else. The story is an epic fantasy about two brothers who are set on a perilous journey to warn the capitol of an impending attack, only to find out the dangerous truth about their existence in Vanidriell. The entire story takes place inside the planet of Acadia, where humanity was forced to flee, after the jotnar invasion on the surface over two and a half centuries before.

I know he's a gnome, but do you relate to Bipp? 

Bipp is a relatable little gnome. He is funny, enjoying everything life has to offer, and loyal to a fault. He’s not much like me. Where I see dark clouds, Bipp sees rain for the flowers.

Is this character based off someone you know in real life?

What do you mean? He is based off himself, Bilfrillbipp Bobblefuzz, but his friend’s call him Bipp for short. He is a gnome engineer from the town of Dudje that I met traveling the wilds of Vanidriell.

In real life, would you hang out with this character?

Me and Bipp actually hang out quite a bit between books. He is a riot to have a couple drinks with, though he does partake a bit too much at times. When you pop in the pub, he is the gnome you are sure to find dancing a jig on the bar with a pint in one hand and a ham “sammich” in the other.

Why do you love this character?

It is kind of hard not to love Bipp, he’s just so damned hilarious to me. Whenever I am writing a scene, he tends to pop up with the most random actions. For me as a writer, he is the one character I just cannot control! Oh… here he comes now. David holds a finger up to his lips, winking with a smirk as Bipp enters the room. The gnome has done his level best to clean up for the interview. He is wearing a grey tunic and brown wool breeches, with shiny polished and buckled black leather boots that come up to his stubby knees. His mane of silver-grey hair has been neatly combed into a wavy point, leaving him with an almost Elvis impersonator style, signs that the gnome used a bit too much hair gel in the dressing room. He even combed his thick overgrown silver sideburns and eyebrows neatly in place. Bipp shuffles into his seat with a wide grin, he looks as if he is going to explode from the excitement of being interviewed by Lyssa, who stares at the nervous gnome with amusement laced around her infectious smile. With a soft giggle he hands Lyssa a crooked, white, sun daisy that looks as though it had been carried around a bit too long.

Interview with Bipp

Hi Bipp, is it okay if I call you Bipp? I don't think I can pronounce your full name!

Name’s Bilfrillbipp Bobblefuzz! I am the head of the Dudje engineer’s guild, specializing in all things mechanical. Lately I find myself adventuring through the ruins of Ul’kor with my new pal Logan. Never did think I’d be one for such things, but it sure does get my heart pumping! Plus, there is no way I am leaving my pal Logan out there all alone to figure out what those Elder’s in Fal are really up to.

I've never interview a gnome before so you'll have to forgive me but can you tell me some of your favorites?

Word- Garbanzo! It’s funny on the tongue isn’t it? Say it with me, garbanzo, garrr-ban-zooo! Bipp chuckles to himself, rubbing his oversized bulbous nose.

Color- Red, and not cause of those funny hats you human folk think we all wear! It just reminds me of the crimson lilies that grow in my da’s mushroom garden, makes me smile.

Food- Yes please! David shakes his head at Bipp, who blushes slightly and shuffles in his seat. Oh sorry, I thought you were offering. Nothing finer than my Aunt Tilly’s honeyed ham, makes me drool just to think about. I brought some for you as a gift, it’s in the dressing room. Better watch that assistant of yours though, I saw him eyeing it something fierce before I came in here.

Drink- Scrum! Five pints a night is sure to keep you healthy!

Subject in school- Hmmm… it is hard to choose, I loved university, some of the best years those were. If I had to choose between ancient lore, linguistics, mechanical engineering, trap mastery, mining for dummies, Acadian script or… Bipp stops speaking, lost in thought running over all the subjects he has mastered over the years. David gives him a little nudge and the gnome blinks, snapping out of his reverie and scratches his round nose again with a sheepish grin. What was the question again?

Why did your last relationship end?

That would be Ambrosia Quikle. Ah, she was a lovely lass, fair skinned and sharp as a whip. Was about all she could take finding me passed out in the turnip beds behind her apartment for the umpteenth time. I always thought if I only made those last couple steps it wouldn’t have ended but… eh you know how it goes, the one that got away.

Thanks Bipp and David for stopping by! I can now officially say that I've interviewed and met a gnome. I might even go out for a drink with these guys! Be sure to check out David's book Secrets from the Elders and follow him on all his media channels:

Twitter: @DavidMAlmond
Purchase links:

Win an autographed copy of the Science Fiction Fantasy epic adventure, Secrets of the Elders, Chronicles of Acadia Book 1. David is running the contest from 6/6/14 to 7/6/14. Submit your entry on Goodreads today!

More about David's book...
After their peaceful village, Riverbell, is raided by the foul monstrous skex, brothers Logan and Corbin Walker find themselves caught in a race against time, desperate to warn the capitol before the deadly skex arrive to wreak the same havoc upon the unsuspecting people of Fal.

Never could they imagine, that this would only be the very beginning of their unforgettable journey, when Logan is suddenly exiled from the kingdom for a crime he did not commit. On the run, doggedly avoiding his own brother, sent to pursue the wanted criminal, can Logan Walker possibly hope to stay free long enough to unravel the Secrets of the Elders?

And So the Fourth Age of Acadia begins...

The World of Acadia

Ages long past, forced to abandon the surface, mankind descended inside the core of their planet, fleeing an impending xenocide at the hands of the mighty Jotnar invaders and settling a new homeland among the deep forests in the wide caverns of Vanidriell, under the light of the Great Crystal Baetylus.

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