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Saturday Morning Characters: Avalon Jennison from Lost Avalon by K.S. Thomas

I am so excited about this morning's character! It's Avalon Jennison from Lost Avalon by K.S. Thomas. Let me just tell you how much I love Ava, Blaise, and of course, K.S.!

Lost Avalon

Introduction to Avalon Jennison

Hi K.S.! Thanks for hanging out with me this morning. Tell me a little bit about yourself and Avalon.

Well, I’m a mother by day, author by night and twenty-four/seven coffee addict. That about covers it. Avalon, or Ava, is the heroine of my latest book. I love her…but we tortured the crap out of each other on this one.

Tell us about my new favorite book, Lost Avalon.

Lost Avalon is basically about two people who have to learn that loving each other isn’t enough if they can’t learn to love themselves first. That’s the straightforward version…the actual story is really pretty messy…here goes:

Blaise and Ava have been best friends since they were kids. Having grown up right next door to each other, their lives have been permanently bound together by some pretty intense family drama and it’s played a huge part in pushing them to get as far away from their pasts as possible.

Fast-forward ten years and they’re all grown up and living life by rock star standards ;-) Blaise’s band, Finding Nolan, has become a huge success all thanks to Ava, their manager. But while their professional lives are peaking, they’re about to bottom out when it comes to their relationship…

Hm…not sure how brief that was, lol.

Do you relate to Ava?

I definitely related to Ava in a lot of ways. I fell for ‘the tortured soul’ guy plenty of times when I was younger. I don’t recommend it, lol.

Is Ava based off someone you know in real life?

Not specifically, no. But I did pull from some of my own experiences to create her.

In real life, would you hang out with Avalon?

Definitely. We’d be hanging out regularly, consuming large doses of coffee and Nutella brownies while discussing music, men and the places and people we’ve seen on our travels.

Can I just say, Nutella brownies sound a-ma-zing!

Why do you love/hate this Ava?

To be perfectly honest, she drove me a little crazy at times. She’s stubborn and fiercely independent and doesn’t really know how to let go and depend on someone else. But… that’s kind of what I love about her, too.

Anything else we need to know about her?

You already know about her coffee and Nutella addiction…so, I think that’s about it. Oh, there is that one thing about that one guy that happened that one time…but it’s in the book, so why bother telling it twice ;-)

Interview with Avalon Jennison

Hey Ava, I feel like I already know you since I've read your story, but tell me a little bit about yourself.

Let’s see. For starters, I prefer being in the background rather than being the center of attention…so this interview business…really not digging it.

Well, okay. Then let's start off easy...

Word- Chocolate. Because it makes me say ‘yum’ which is just as much fun as saying chocolate…

Color- Violet. Reminds me of these flowers my mother planted one year. It was the only time I ever saw her do anything in the yard other than mow the grass. Every spring after, I waited to see if she would plant them again, but she never did. Anyway, they were gorgeous.  

Food- Anything with Nutella on it…okay, maybe not anything…but most things. Or just straight Nutella works, too. And why? I’m sorry…have you had Nutella?

Drink- Coffee…because it goes great with Nutella.

Subject in school- Math. I liked having problems I could actually solve.

Where did you grow up? Just outside of L.A. in a shit part of town not worth going back to…

Tell us about your family…

Ha. Okay… Well, my dad walked out when I was nine, so I don’t really count him as part of the family anymore. My mom is my mom. Tragically flawed and entirely lovable at the same time. I have four younger siblings. My brother Adam is closest to me in age and we’re three years apart. After him my parents spaced kids out a little less with Aaron being born a year and a half later, and then the twins, Alex and Addison, coming in last. There’s only eleven months between them and Aaron. Honestly, I don’t know how that woman’s uterus is still intact. And, yeah…there’s definitely something happening there with the A’s. I just don’t know what. Must have been my dad’s idea because anytime I ask my mom all she does is shrug and say, “Why? You got a problem with the name Avalon?” No. No, I don’t.

How did your last relationship end?

Lee and I broke up because he’s an asshole. Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

Tell us your thoughts on love. 

I’ve always known Blaise and I were destined to be together for life. Wait, destined sounds too romantic. Bound together by all the complicated shit in our past we don’t want to bother explaining to someone new is probably more like it. Anyway, beyond that, I never considered love or marriage. Definitely not kids. With Blaise in my life, there wasn’t ever enough room to commit to anyone else for anything serious. Of course that was before. Things are different now…

Well thanks for stopping by Ava, I'll let you get back to Blaise. *wiggles eyebrows* Check out all of K.S.'s links because you do NOT want to miss Lost Avalon!




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