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Saturday Morning Characters: Morgan from Razor's Edge by Racquel Reck

Good Saturday morning everyone! Today's Saturday morning character is Morgan from Razor's Edge by Racquel Reck.

Razor's Edge by Racquel Reck

Introduction to Morgan from Racquel Reck

Hi Racquel! Thanks for waking up this morning to do this interview. Tell me about yourself and Morgan from Razor's Edge. FYI-I love the cover!

I’ve been writing my whole life but about five years ago I began to take it more seriously. I’ve written a total of ten unpublished novels and have a muse who is majorly hyperactive. But I decided to take a chance and self-publish my novel Razor’s Edge. It’s due to release this month on the 20th.

Morgan is a happy go lucky pothead on the outside but on the inside he deals with the death of his father and the abuse he received from his mother. He drowns himself in heavy metal music and strives to make it big to prove his mother wrong.

Sounds interesting, tell us more about the book.

Razor’s Edge is a gritty, edgy contemporary romance about a rock star, and a tattoo artist. I tackle domestic violence and drug addiction in this book. Shay is trying to escape her ex-boyfriend's abusive hold and provide a better life for her son. Morgan’s band just got signed and he’s trying to devote all his time and energy into his music so he can stick it to his mother. All the while he combats the visions of his father’s death and the abuse he received as a child. When they come together they couldn’t be more perfect but quickly find out just how different they are. She’s anti-drug and he’s all for smoking a little pot and when Shay’s ex is released from prison they are thrown into a whole other world of problems. Her ex wants his business back but that’s not the only thing he wants. Lies, manipulation and blackmail tear these two apart. Can they be put back together?

I have to warn readers. I portrayed my characters as real as possible. And when they are backed into a comer their morals slip and they become shameless at times. But I always leave with an HEA and do my best to make my characters redeemable.

So tell me, do you relate to any of your characters?

I always put a little of myself into my characters. I think doing it that way helps me hear the characters more. But not everything about them is me. Like Morgan’s a pothead, I’m not. But I share his love of music, it’s a big part of me. Shay sticks with a controlling abusive man, I would never allow that to happen to me, so when she wizens up I used my own strength to build her up.

I have seen too many of my friends and family with controlling abusive men. So when I wrote her character I used what they were thinking and what they went through to write her.
Morgan, the way his dad died in the story I had an uncle pass that same way. So with that aspect of his character I can relate.

Is Morgan based off someone you know in real life?

Morgan is made up of a few people I know in real life. My love of heavy metal music. The way he deals with his dad’s death is something my cousin went through when she was younger. His happy go lucky attitude comes from a friend of mine who I won’t name. And his protectiveness and how he acts in certain situations comes from my husband. I firmly believe that in order to make a good character you have to people watch and take bits and pieces from everyone’s personality that you like and don’t like and put them together. Kinda like creating a Frankenstein but in a positive way.

In real life would you hang out with Morgan?

I would totally hang out with Morgan. He funny, happy go lucky and smart. I can see us chilling out and listening to music. I can’t sing a lick but I wouldn’t mind having him sing to me. Aside from the screaming he really does have an awesome singing voice. And he’s super protective of his friends.

Where would you want him to take you on a date?

I don’t think I can date my own character. It’d be like dating my child. But if he weren’t my character and someone else wrote him I’d love for him to get me back stage passes at one of his concerts when on tour. Off tour, I’d like to try out snowboarding with him. He has a love for the winter sports.

Why do you love this character?

I’ve lived inside his head for almost a year and I can say that the thing I love most about him is his heart. His love for the people around him in general. He’s kind but he’s not a push over. There is a strong protective streak in him. He actually surprised me a few times with how he acted in certain situations. The situations and events in his past and how he overcame them is something to be admired.

Anything else we should know about Morgan before we meet him?

I don’t want to give too much away. Hum… How about his job? Before he was a rock star owned his own web design business. He still does actually, and he’s a penny pincher. Guess growing up poor did that to him. ;)

Interview with Morgan

*Morgan walks into the room. He’s wearing a black Five Finger Death Punch black T-shirt and black jeans. He smiles and it shines through his ice blue eyes.*

Hey, Lyssa.

*He holds out his hand and shakes mine. Then takes a seat on the couch. I fan myself trying to cool off from his hotness.*
Well, hello Morgan, it's nice to finally meet you. Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

I hate talking about myself, but huh… Racquel will probably kill me off if I don’t comply. So…I’m the lead singer of the band Stones of Rage. Name sucks, I know, but the record label won’t let us change it.

*Laughing* I doubt Racquel would kill you off, I think she has a fondness for you. I'll be gentle though so let's start with some of your favorites.


Ambidextrous. It was the first long word I learned and I am.


Green. Is there a better color? Money, nature, Mariju—Never mind.
*He winks and smiles.*
I’ll stop there.


Nothing beats a juicy grilled steak.
*Rubs tummy*
Now you’re making me hungry.


I’m a smoker not a drinker.
*His eyebrows raise and he smirks.*
You mean non-alcoholic? PowerAde or Gatorade. I like them both. I don’t exactly eat too healthy so I’ll get my nutrients where I can and they’re better than pop.

Subject in school?

Sh*&! Uh, do I have to answer this one? It might kill my image.
*He rubs a palm on a bobbing knee and looks toward the ceiling. Then looks at me and whispers.*
Math. Trig and Calculus were always my best subjects. Music was the thing I loved, though. I excelled in it.

A mathematician, eh? is there a reason why you were drawn to music?

It’s always been a part of who I am. I don’t care if there’s a thousand people listening or no one. When I’m in the zone it’s just me and the music and…nothing else matters.

I bet your teacher must be proud of your success?

*His stiffens, blue eyes grow dark.*

If she were alive. And I really don’t care. This is for me not her.

Sorry didn’t mean to offend.

*His knee bobs again and he sighs.*
Sh#@. No, I’m sorry. Not your fault. My music coach wasn’t the greatest. Can we change the subject now?

Sure, tell me where you grew up?

Detroit. Actually a little neighborhood just outside of it, Brightmore. It was a ghetto back then and it’s even worse now.

Tell us about your family… mother, father--

*His posture stiffens*
Don’t really want to go there.


*He relaxes back into the couch.*
I have a brother. Actually, Logan’s more than that. I took care of him through his teen years. He’s five years younger and I help him take care of my niece, Dani, sometimes.

How did your last relationship end?

Never been in a relationship before. Too busy. Between Logan and his crap, my band and my business have sucked up my free time.

Are you with someone now?

*His blue eyes sparkle, and he has a megawatt grin on his face.*
I am seeing someone.

You realize that information is breaking the hearts of many, right?

Sorry, ladies.

So, tell us about her.

She has qualities I can’t help but admire. Like how she looks after her son. She’s so attentive to him and I never had that growing up. So, I guess that’s one of the best things about her.

You talk like you’re in love with her. Any plans to marry? Have kids?

*He shakes his head and laughs.*
Not sure what love feels like but I know she makes me happy and I’m crazy about her. I’m not rushing anything right now. I do like kids. Shay’s son is a funny little dude. I like hanging out with him when I have the time.

Are you nervous about your story being told?

Not really Racquel did a great job telling it. I guess in terms of us being out there? Yeah, a little. But I put myself out there every time I get on stage and I really don’t care what people think of my life anymore. If our story helps those going through the same problems, if it gives even one person the strength to leave a bad situation, then we’ve done our job.

Well thanks for coming by, Morgan. I've enjoyed our interview.
*Morgan stands and smiles.”
Thanks for having me. I need to put in some studio time today so I gotta leave quickly. But Check out the blurb and don’t forget Razor’s Edge comes out June 20th.

Razor's Edge
Escaping the evil man of her past…
With a tattoo gun, Shay Kelly tries to color a better future for herself and her son. When her abusive ex is paroled this proves to be a difficult task. All her clients used to be his and he’s taking them back. But that’s not the only thing he wants.
Screaming his way to the top…
No one can change the visions of Morgan Desario’s past, or what he saw the night his dad died. Marijuana helps the pain his singing can’t numb. When his heavy metal band gets signed, he’s flying high. But fame and fortune do nothing to take away the humiliation he faces every time he gets stuck in a memory.
When their morals slip and their sins collide…
They share the same lifestyle, but couldn't be more different. She's anti-drug and he's all for smoking pot. A night of passion bonds them together, but their connection is strained when their pasts are unleashed. On tour, Morgan’s sins flourish. At home, Shay's morals bend. A sharp line separates what's right and wrong that both are afraid to cross.

Will they be cut walking the Razor’s Edge?

Stay in touch with Racquel to find out if Morgan and Shay will make it. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, her website, or Goodreads. You can get your own copy of Razor's Edge on Amazon.

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