Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Morning Characters: Charles Stafford from Till You Come Back to Me

Welcome back to another edition of Saturday Morning Characters! This week the very talented, and fellow #romanceinamonth author, Chicki Brown is with us. Today we'll be meeting Charles Stafford from Till You Come Back to Me. Till You Come Back by Chicki Brown

Introduction to Charles Stafford from Chicki Brown

Hi Chicki! Thanks for stopping by today. Tell us what Till You Come Back to Me is about.TILL YOU COME BACK TO ME is a contemporary romance featuring the second brother in my Stafford Brothers series. Charles Stafford is a successful plastic surgeon who has become tired of performing vanity surgeries. He decides to sell his practice and devote his time to an international medical organization. The day he arrives at his destination, he meets the woman who will make the real change in his life.

Do you relate to this character? I can relate to Charles because, like myself, he was raised in good family in which morals and standards were stressed.

Is Charles based off someone you know in real life? No. He is purely a figment of my imagination.

In real life, would you want to date Charles?  If I was single, I’d love to date a man like Charles. He’s not only intelligent, successful, and handsome, but he’s also kind yet strong.

Where would you want him to take you on a date? Somewhere quiet and romantic where there wouldn't be a lot of noise or distraction and we could talk and get to know each other.

Why do you love Charles? I love Charles because he had the strength to make a major life change. He’s caring and compassionate without being wimpy.

Anything else we need to know about him? I think he’ll tell you more about himself as he answers your questions.

Interview with Charles Stafford

Hi Charles! I've hard a lot about you, please tell us a little bit about yourself. I come from a family of six brothers, and I’m a twin. My father and his two brothers are physicians, so we come from a medical tradition. My brothers Vic and Jesse and I are also doctors. I’ve been quite successful as a plastic surgeon, but recently I’ve had a strong desire to use my skill to do more than enhance boobs and butts. I want to make a real difference in people’s lives, and since I’m single with no kids, this is the time for me to make that change.

Wow! A big family and full of doctors? That's impressive. Well, we’ll start off easy with the interview. Tell me some of your favorites. 

Word- Seriously? Because I never cease to be amazed by some of the crazy things I hear.

Color- Blue. It’s calming and peaceful, and I’m told it brings out my eyes.

Charles chuckles...I have to agree with you Charles, you do have lovely eyes.

Food- Anything Italian with tomato gravy. I think I was born with Italian tastebuds, if that’s possible. Drink- Heineken. I’m not a big drinker, and when I do over-indulge it’s not a pretty sight. He smiles and his green eyes twinkle.

Subject in school- Science, particularly biology.

Where did you grow up? – Atlanta, Georgia.

Tell us about your family… He laughs aloud and scratches his neatly trimmed beard. How much time do you have? Growing up in a big family was a challenge at times, especially since all of my brothers have different personalities. We’re all pretty competitive, so one-upmanship was an art form in our house. Education took top priority in our house with church running a close second and community service third. Everything else, like sports, was considered unimportant. My mother had her hands full just keeping the six of us in line, but one of the things she instilled in us what that we were more than our looks. I hated that my honor roll, National Honor Society, and Dean’s List status were ignored while my looks took center stage. Nobody ever seemed to be able to get past my face to see that I had a brain. That kind of ignorance ticked me off, even though I kept my calm and internalized what people said, but Marc instantly got physical with them. He handed out more, who are you calling a pretty boy? beat downs during our school years than I could count.

Why did your last relationship end? I was dating two women and broke it off when I announced that I was leaving the country to work overseas. But I did it with jewelry so it went better than expected.

Ah yes, jewelry always softens the blow. Tell us your thoughts on love.  I believe in love—that all-encompassing, forget about all other women kind of love. I’ve just never experienced it. Getting married and having kids is something I’ve always wanted only I’ve been too busy with my career. Family is important, and I wouldn’t want to leave my wife alone all the time the way my father did when he was building his medical career. When I settle down, I want to spend time with my family.

Charles, it's been a pleasure visiting with you. I wish you all the best with your new job and I hope that one day you'll find that all-encompassing love.

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