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Saturday Morning Characters: Caroline Carlisle from Trails in the Sand by P.C. Zick

Good Saturday morning! Today we're going to meet Caroline Carlisle from Trails of in the Sand by P.C. Zick. Trails in the Sand

Introduction to Caroline Carlisle from P.C. Zick

Good morning Ms. Zick! Please, in your words, give us a brief summary of your book.

When environmental writer Caroline Carlisle sets off to report on endangered sea turtles during the BP oil spill in 2010, the last thing she expects is to do is uncover family secrets. The long-kept secrets threaten to destroy her family, unless she can heal the hurts from a lifetime of lies. To make matters worse, Caroline's love for her late sister's husband, Simon, creates an uproar in a southern family already set on a collision course with its past. Using the BP oil spill timeline and facts as the backdrop, Trails in the Sand explores the fight to restore balance and peace, in nature and in a family, as both spiral toward disaster. The battle between wildlife conservation and the oil spill serves as an example of the conflicts plaguing one family whose secrets have remained hidden until Caroline learns more about her grandfather's history and her mother's trauma during her teenage years. As the sea turtle leaves trails leading to the nests laid in the sand, secret journals leave another type of trail for Caroline to follow. Trails in the Sand is set in the Panhandle of Florida and the east coast near St. Augustine. Florida's Panhandle beaches, including St. George Island, off the coast near Apalachicola in the Gulf of Mexico, are home to hundreds of sea turtle nests each summer. When the oil spill threatens to come ashore on Florida's Panhandle beaches, conservationists and wildlife managers join together in an historic effort to save the sea turtle eggs by moving them across the state to Cape Canaveral. As the oil from BP's oil spill continues to spew forth into the Gulf of Mexico, urgency to save Florida wildlife mounts. It's in this atmosphere that Caroline discovers the truth about her family as she writes stories about the rescue of the eggs.  Do you relate to this character?  Absolutely. I’ve been a reporter; I’ve loved someone from afar for a long time; and I worked with the state (Florida) on the rescue of sea turtle eggs from the Panhandle beaches. However, she’s much stronger than I’ve ever been. She’s smarter, too. I would say I created Caroline as the person I’d like to be. I recently received a review for Trails in the Sand where they said , “I was impressed by how Ms. Zick never portrayed Caroline in heroic terms, yet still managed to make her compelling and somebody we root for. . .” Is this character based off someone you know in real life? She’s a composite of several characters. That’s usually how I create most of my characters, and always, deep inside, there’s a bit of me. In real life, would you hang out with this character?  Caroline and I would be great friends. We have a lot in common and we both would have plenty of “mother” stories to share from different perspectives. Caroline’s mother, Gladdy, is definitely a “southern belle” while mine’s a Yankee all the way. What would you two discuss over drinks? We’d discuss the crazy folks of Florida who we both have interviewed. And, of course, we’d discuss love. Why do you love Caroline? I love her intelligence and her ability to let comments roll off her back. She’s not as sensitive as I am, and I love learning from her. Anything else we need to know about her? In some ways, Caroline was the victim of verbal and mental child abuse. However, her father saved her from ever believing any of the nonsense her mother spouted.

Interview with Caroline Carlisle

Hi Caroline, please tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Caroline Carlisle, and I grew up in Calico, Florida, which is in the northern part of the state. I attended college in St. Augustine and fell in love with the beaches, estuaries, and marshes. I’m a writer at heart, but to please my mother I majored in marine biology. I moved to the Everglades soon after my graduation from college where I fell in love with the “river of grass” and made it my home for twenty years. Let's start off simple, tell me some of your favorites.  Word- juxtaposition because it’s fun to say and to work it into a sentence Color-green and red – the color of the tomato plants my husband grows Food-anything grown by Simon in his vegetable garden because that’s where we first fell in love Drink-white wine or champagne because it’s a good cold drink for the hot Florida climate Subject in school- Creative writing was always my love along with anything to do with nature. I love writing about the things I see and experience while on the water Where did you grow up? In a small town in northern Florida. My grandparents raised their six children there and all of them stayed in Calico to raise their children. Tell us about your family… My mother is Gladys Stokley Carlisle. Her father was the town’s doctor—he had an office right inside their home. She had four older sisters and a brother near her age. The brother Alex drowned when Gladdy was sixteen, and she witnessed it. That set the course for her life and for mine as well as my sister Amy. Amy is five years older than me, and she and I never got along. Amy is an anorexic thanks to Momma. I’ve always been what Momma called “plump” but my father called “just right.” My father loved my mother for some crazy reason even though she treated him like crap. I married twice before finally marrying the love of my life. Simon and I married after my sister, his wife, died. I have four crazy aunts who were expert in keeping the family secrets. Why did your last relationship end? My second husband and I simply grew apart. We never really loved one another, but we liked the companionship and the independence. He was a sports writer traveling around the country, and my writing took me many places as well. Finally, he fell in love with someone who loved him back. It was an easy split with no hard feelings. What are your thoughts on love? I always loved Simon even though he was five years older than I was and groomed to marry my sister by Momma. They married just as I was graduating from high school. Simon stayed with her through her illness, and I stayed away. I never thought I’d be a mother, but life has a way of happening. I can’t say much more. You’ll just have to read Trails in the Sand to learn more! Thanks for taking the time to meet with me, Caroline! Stay in touch with Ms. Zick to find out what family secrets Caroline discovers. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, her website, her blog, or Goodreads. You can purchase your own copy of Trails in the Sand on Amazon.

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Just One More Romance Facebook Takeover!!!

I have exciting news! This Saturday, June 28, I will be taking over Just One More Romance's Facebook page from 8:00-9:00PM EST. That's 7PM for those of you in the Midwest. I'll be discussing Love is a Fire and will answer any questions you may have. Katy, Nick, and maybe even Jesse will also stop by to say hello and answer a few questions. Plus there will also be opportunities to win a free copy of Love is a Fire and awesome gifts from some fabulous Etsy stores. I'll give you a preview of some of the awesome prizes that'll be up for grabs.

Melissa from Sprouts and Sprockets is donating 4 vintage bottlecap magnets.Sprouts and SprocketsBonnie from Rings by Bonnie is donating this gorgeous Fire and Ice Red Wire Wrapped Ring. Rings by BonnieAmy from Twisted Dreams Jewelry is donated this "I heart a firefighter" bottlecap keychain. I know I heart more than one firefighter, how about you?Twisted Dreams Jewelry

Bridget from The Hester Collection is giving away toupe and brown bracelet. She does fantastic work and is super sweet!

hester collection

OMG! I love these Maraschino Cherry glass heart earrings from Laura at Lacy Laura Gray.

Lacy Laura GrayThe Garrity women would love wearing this bracelet from Allison at Creations by Accident.creations by accidentJoslyn from Made with Love is donating this beautiful pearl bracelet that will match Katy's ring perfectly!


Joslyn is also donating this Firefighter Awareness bracelet. I could see all of the Garrity women wearing this.

Made with Love

Jessi from PineWind is donating three of these gorgeous champagne wire-wrapped pearl rings. Remind anyone of Katy?

PineWindTiffani from Yellow Chick Designs is donating two sets of these coffee magnets. Katy needs her coffee to survive, how about you?

Yellow Chick DesignsSandra from Culinary Catastrophe is donating 2 of these "You Set My Heart on Fire" cards. I could totally see Nick giving this to Katy.

Culinary Catastrophe

Lindsay from Made by Lin Lin donated this pair of anchor earrings and a pearl stretch ring.


Made by Lin Lin


Made by Lin Lin

Check back as more giveaways are confirmed and show some lovely to these lovely ladies! I'll see you all Saturday at 8PM EST on Just One More Romance's Facebook page.

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Meet My Main Characters Blog Tour

Today I am participating in the Meet My Main Characters Blog Tour. Michele M. Reynolds from Writer + Wilderness Girl Under It All invited me to participate so a big shout out to her! Today I'm going to tell you a bit about Jesse O'Neil, the main character from my upcoming book Burst Into Flame.

1) What is the name of your character? Is he fictional or a historic person? 

Jesse O'Neil is totally fictional yet not historic.

2) When and where is the story set? 

Jesse's story is set in modern day New York City.

3) What should we know about him? 

Jesse is an only child but his best buddy Nick Garrity is like his brother. He's a total playboy and has never wanted to settle down until recently.

4) What is the main conflict? What messes up his life? 

Jesse's past is coming back to haunt him. He's finally found a woman that he wants to settle down with but he has to get the past behind him before he loses her.

5) What is the personal goal of the character? 

Get the girl!

6) Is there a working title for this novel?

The title is Burst Into Flame which comes from a quote by Albert Schweitzer.

“In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”

-Albert Schweitzer

7) When can we expect the book to be published? 

Hopefully by the end of this year! I know my Love is a Fire fans are anxious to find out what happens next so I'm busy working on it. The story was actually written before I published Love is a Fire so I'm in the revision, editing stage right now.

Be sure to tune in next week to find out more about characters from Raquel Reck!

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Saturday Morning Characters: Morgan from Razor's Edge by Racquel Reck

Good Saturday morning everyone! Today's Saturday morning character is Morgan from Razor's Edge by Racquel Reck.

Razor's Edge by Racquel Reck

Introduction to Morgan from Racquel Reck

Hi Racquel! Thanks for waking up this morning to do this interview. Tell me about yourself and Morgan from Razor's Edge. FYI-I love the cover!

I’ve been writing my whole life but about five years ago I began to take it more seriously. I’ve written a total of ten unpublished novels and have a muse who is majorly hyperactive. But I decided to take a chance and self-publish my novel Razor’s Edge. It’s due to release this month on the 20th.

Morgan is a happy go lucky pothead on the outside but on the inside he deals with the death of his father and the abuse he received from his mother. He drowns himself in heavy metal music and strives to make it big to prove his mother wrong.

Sounds interesting, tell us more about the book.

Razor’s Edge is a gritty, edgy contemporary romance about a rock star, and a tattoo artist. I tackle domestic violence and drug addiction in this book. Shay is trying to escape her ex-boyfriend's abusive hold and provide a better life for her son. Morgan’s band just got signed and he’s trying to devote all his time and energy into his music so he can stick it to his mother. All the while he combats the visions of his father’s death and the abuse he received as a child. When they come together they couldn’t be more perfect but quickly find out just how different they are. She’s anti-drug and he’s all for smoking a little pot and when Shay’s ex is released from prison they are thrown into a whole other world of problems. Her ex wants his business back but that’s not the only thing he wants. Lies, manipulation and blackmail tear these two apart. Can they be put back together?

I have to warn readers. I portrayed my characters as real as possible. And when they are backed into a comer their morals slip and they become shameless at times. But I always leave with an HEA and do my best to make my characters redeemable.

So tell me, do you relate to any of your characters?

I always put a little of myself into my characters. I think doing it that way helps me hear the characters more. But not everything about them is me. Like Morgan’s a pothead, I’m not. But I share his love of music, it’s a big part of me. Shay sticks with a controlling abusive man, I would never allow that to happen to me, so when she wizens up I used my own strength to build her up.

I have seen too many of my friends and family with controlling abusive men. So when I wrote her character I used what they were thinking and what they went through to write her.
Morgan, the way his dad died in the story I had an uncle pass that same way. So with that aspect of his character I can relate.

Is Morgan based off someone you know in real life?

Morgan is made up of a few people I know in real life. My love of heavy metal music. The way he deals with his dad’s death is something my cousin went through when she was younger. His happy go lucky attitude comes from a friend of mine who I won’t name. And his protectiveness and how he acts in certain situations comes from my husband. I firmly believe that in order to make a good character you have to people watch and take bits and pieces from everyone’s personality that you like and don’t like and put them together. Kinda like creating a Frankenstein but in a positive way.

In real life would you hang out with Morgan?

I would totally hang out with Morgan. He funny, happy go lucky and smart. I can see us chilling out and listening to music. I can’t sing a lick but I wouldn’t mind having him sing to me. Aside from the screaming he really does have an awesome singing voice. And he’s super protective of his friends.

Where would you want him to take you on a date?

I don’t think I can date my own character. It’d be like dating my child. But if he weren’t my character and someone else wrote him I’d love for him to get me back stage passes at one of his concerts when on tour. Off tour, I’d like to try out snowboarding with him. He has a love for the winter sports.

Why do you love this character?

I’ve lived inside his head for almost a year and I can say that the thing I love most about him is his heart. His love for the people around him in general. He’s kind but he’s not a push over. There is a strong protective streak in him. He actually surprised me a few times with how he acted in certain situations. The situations and events in his past and how he overcame them is something to be admired.

Anything else we should know about Morgan before we meet him?

I don’t want to give too much away. Hum… How about his job? Before he was a rock star owned his own web design business. He still does actually, and he’s a penny pincher. Guess growing up poor did that to him. ;)

Interview with Morgan

*Morgan walks into the room. He’s wearing a black Five Finger Death Punch black T-shirt and black jeans. He smiles and it shines through his ice blue eyes.*

Hey, Lyssa.

*He holds out his hand and shakes mine. Then takes a seat on the couch. I fan myself trying to cool off from his hotness.*
Well, hello Morgan, it's nice to finally meet you. Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

I hate talking about myself, but huh… Racquel will probably kill me off if I don’t comply. So…I’m the lead singer of the band Stones of Rage. Name sucks, I know, but the record label won’t let us change it.

*Laughing* I doubt Racquel would kill you off, I think she has a fondness for you. I'll be gentle though so let's start with some of your favorites.


Ambidextrous. It was the first long word I learned and I am.


Green. Is there a better color? Money, nature, Mariju—Never mind.
*He winks and smiles.*
I’ll stop there.


Nothing beats a juicy grilled steak.
*Rubs tummy*
Now you’re making me hungry.


I’m a smoker not a drinker.
*His eyebrows raise and he smirks.*
You mean non-alcoholic? PowerAde or Gatorade. I like them both. I don’t exactly eat too healthy so I’ll get my nutrients where I can and they’re better than pop.

Subject in school?

Sh*&! Uh, do I have to answer this one? It might kill my image.
*He rubs a palm on a bobbing knee and looks toward the ceiling. Then looks at me and whispers.*
Math. Trig and Calculus were always my best subjects. Music was the thing I loved, though. I excelled in it.

A mathematician, eh? is there a reason why you were drawn to music?

It’s always been a part of who I am. I don’t care if there’s a thousand people listening or no one. When I’m in the zone it’s just me and the music and…nothing else matters.

I bet your teacher must be proud of your success?

*His stiffens, blue eyes grow dark.*

If she were alive. And I really don’t care. This is for me not her.

Sorry didn’t mean to offend.

*His knee bobs again and he sighs.*
Sh#@. No, I’m sorry. Not your fault. My music coach wasn’t the greatest. Can we change the subject now?

Sure, tell me where you grew up?

Detroit. Actually a little neighborhood just outside of it, Brightmore. It was a ghetto back then and it’s even worse now.

Tell us about your family… mother, father--

*His posture stiffens*
Don’t really want to go there.


*He relaxes back into the couch.*
I have a brother. Actually, Logan’s more than that. I took care of him through his teen years. He’s five years younger and I help him take care of my niece, Dani, sometimes.

How did your last relationship end?

Never been in a relationship before. Too busy. Between Logan and his crap, my band and my business have sucked up my free time.

Are you with someone now?

*His blue eyes sparkle, and he has a megawatt grin on his face.*
I am seeing someone.

You realize that information is breaking the hearts of many, right?

Sorry, ladies.

So, tell us about her.

She has qualities I can’t help but admire. Like how she looks after her son. She’s so attentive to him and I never had that growing up. So, I guess that’s one of the best things about her.

You talk like you’re in love with her. Any plans to marry? Have kids?

*He shakes his head and laughs.*
Not sure what love feels like but I know she makes me happy and I’m crazy about her. I’m not rushing anything right now. I do like kids. Shay’s son is a funny little dude. I like hanging out with him when I have the time.

Are you nervous about your story being told?

Not really Racquel did a great job telling it. I guess in terms of us being out there? Yeah, a little. But I put myself out there every time I get on stage and I really don’t care what people think of my life anymore. If our story helps those going through the same problems, if it gives even one person the strength to leave a bad situation, then we’ve done our job.

Well thanks for coming by, Morgan. I've enjoyed our interview.
*Morgan stands and smiles.”
Thanks for having me. I need to put in some studio time today so I gotta leave quickly. But Check out the blurb and don’t forget Razor’s Edge comes out June 20th.

Razor's Edge
Escaping the evil man of her past…
With a tattoo gun, Shay Kelly tries to color a better future for herself and her son. When her abusive ex is paroled this proves to be a difficult task. All her clients used to be his and he’s taking them back. But that’s not the only thing he wants.
Screaming his way to the top…
No one can change the visions of Morgan Desario’s past, or what he saw the night his dad died. Marijuana helps the pain his singing can’t numb. When his heavy metal band gets signed, he’s flying high. But fame and fortune do nothing to take away the humiliation he faces every time he gets stuck in a memory.
When their morals slip and their sins collide…
They share the same lifestyle, but couldn't be more different. She's anti-drug and he's all for smoking pot. A night of passion bonds them together, but their connection is strained when their pasts are unleashed. On tour, Morgan’s sins flourish. At home, Shay's morals bend. A sharp line separates what's right and wrong that both are afraid to cross.

Will they be cut walking the Razor’s Edge?

Stay in touch with Racquel to find out if Morgan and Shay will make it. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, her website, or Goodreads. You can get your own copy of Razor's Edge on Amazon.

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Saturday Morning Characters: Charles Stafford from Till You Come Back to Me

Welcome back to another edition of Saturday Morning Characters! This week the very talented, and fellow #romanceinamonth author, Chicki Brown is with us. Today we'll be meeting Charles Stafford from Till You Come Back to Me. Till You Come Back by Chicki Brown

Introduction to Charles Stafford from Chicki Brown

Hi Chicki! Thanks for stopping by today. Tell us what Till You Come Back to Me is about.TILL YOU COME BACK TO ME is a contemporary romance featuring the second brother in my Stafford Brothers series. Charles Stafford is a successful plastic surgeon who has become tired of performing vanity surgeries. He decides to sell his practice and devote his time to an international medical organization. The day he arrives at his destination, he meets the woman who will make the real change in his life.

Do you relate to this character? I can relate to Charles because, like myself, he was raised in good family in which morals and standards were stressed.

Is Charles based off someone you know in real life? No. He is purely a figment of my imagination.

In real life, would you want to date Charles?  If I was single, I’d love to date a man like Charles. He’s not only intelligent, successful, and handsome, but he’s also kind yet strong.

Where would you want him to take you on a date? Somewhere quiet and romantic where there wouldn't be a lot of noise or distraction and we could talk and get to know each other.

Why do you love Charles? I love Charles because he had the strength to make a major life change. He’s caring and compassionate without being wimpy.

Anything else we need to know about him? I think he’ll tell you more about himself as he answers your questions.

Interview with Charles Stafford

Hi Charles! I've hard a lot about you, please tell us a little bit about yourself. I come from a family of six brothers, and I’m a twin. My father and his two brothers are physicians, so we come from a medical tradition. My brothers Vic and Jesse and I are also doctors. I’ve been quite successful as a plastic surgeon, but recently I’ve had a strong desire to use my skill to do more than enhance boobs and butts. I want to make a real difference in people’s lives, and since I’m single with no kids, this is the time for me to make that change.

Wow! A big family and full of doctors? That's impressive. Well, we’ll start off easy with the interview. Tell me some of your favorites. 

Word- Seriously? Because I never cease to be amazed by some of the crazy things I hear.

Color- Blue. It’s calming and peaceful, and I’m told it brings out my eyes.

Charles chuckles...I have to agree with you Charles, you do have lovely eyes.

Food- Anything Italian with tomato gravy. I think I was born with Italian tastebuds, if that’s possible. Drink- Heineken. I’m not a big drinker, and when I do over-indulge it’s not a pretty sight. He smiles and his green eyes twinkle.

Subject in school- Science, particularly biology.

Where did you grow up? – Atlanta, Georgia.

Tell us about your family… He laughs aloud and scratches his neatly trimmed beard. How much time do you have? Growing up in a big family was a challenge at times, especially since all of my brothers have different personalities. We’re all pretty competitive, so one-upmanship was an art form in our house. Education took top priority in our house with church running a close second and community service third. Everything else, like sports, was considered unimportant. My mother had her hands full just keeping the six of us in line, but one of the things she instilled in us what that we were more than our looks. I hated that my honor roll, National Honor Society, and Dean’s List status were ignored while my looks took center stage. Nobody ever seemed to be able to get past my face to see that I had a brain. That kind of ignorance ticked me off, even though I kept my calm and internalized what people said, but Marc instantly got physical with them. He handed out more, who are you calling a pretty boy? beat downs during our school years than I could count.

Why did your last relationship end? I was dating two women and broke it off when I announced that I was leaving the country to work overseas. But I did it with jewelry so it went better than expected.

Ah yes, jewelry always softens the blow. Tell us your thoughts on love.  I believe in love—that all-encompassing, forget about all other women kind of love. I’ve just never experienced it. Getting married and having kids is something I’ve always wanted only I’ve been too busy with my career. Family is important, and I wouldn’t want to leave my wife alone all the time the way my father did when he was building his medical career. When I settle down, I want to spend time with my family.

Charles, it's been a pleasure visiting with you. I wish you all the best with your new job and I hope that one day you'll find that all-encompassing love.

Stay in touch with Chick Brown to find out what happens with Charles and his brothers. You can follow her blogTwitterFacebook, Google, Pinterest, or on Goodreads. You can purchase this book from Amazon or visit her Amazon page for a full list of all of Chicki's books.

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Playing #LuckySeven

I've been tagged in #LuckySeven by my good friend Katerina Baker.

The rules:
Go to page 7 or 77 in your current WIP
Go to line 7
Post on your blog the next 7 sentences or 7 lines--as they are!
Tag 7 people, who'll do the same.
Now back to beach and to writing. <--- HA! I wish! More like let me sneak it in after bedtime.

Here's a snippet from my WIP The Right Pitch that I've been working on during my #romanceinamonth class:

She bats her eyes at Grant and I want so badly to roll my eyes, but I refrain. It’s obvious she has no idea who he is other than a gorgeous male. I slide my arm around his waist and he looks down at me trying to hide his surprise. He quickly pulls me close to him, this obviously isn’t the first time I’ve “been his girlfriend.” For that matter, I think I’ve “dated” almost every guy on the roster. Well, except for the playboys who don’t mind the attention.

I tag:

Toshia Slade

And any authors that want to play!!!


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Saturday Morning Characters: Dimitri Fridolf from the Kadenburg Shifters Series

Hello readers and welcome to the first post of Saturday Morning Characters. Each Saturday I will feature an indie author and interview one of her/his characters. This week's author is T.E. Ridener and her character Dimitri Fridolf from The Truth about Kadenburg the Kadenburg Shifters Series.

The Truth About Kadenburg

Introduction to Dimitri Fridolf from T.E. Ridener.

Hi there! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and the character we'll be meeting today.
Well hello! My name is Tonya and I go by T.E. Ridener. I write paranormal and urban fantasy with lots of romance, action, suspense, and drama. I’m 28 years old and I live in Kentucky. The character I’ve brought along with me today is Dimitri Fridolf. He’s a very hunky, tortured werewolf from my Kadenburg Shifters Series. Dimitri is 29 years old and he has dark red hair and beautiful hazel eyes, oh and his smile? To die for. He’s one of my favorite characters. (They are all my favorites. I can’t lie.)

In your words, give us a brief summary of your book.
The Truth about Kadenburg is book #1 in my Kadenburg Shifters Series. It focuses on the town of Kadenburg, Tennessee where the human population is surrounded by old magic, ursithropes (bear-shifters), werewolves, and other beings that have yet to be mentioned. You get to see heartache, love, and courage prevail against evil.

Do you relate to this character? If so, how?
Dimitri is a broken character. His life has never been easy. He was orphaned as a young pup and put into the care of a sinister werewolf named Breslin Connor (the main villain of Kadenburg). When book 1 starts you quickly learn that Dimitri lost his mate who happens to be the MM’s older brother. But don’t fret-I love Dimitri and I firmly believe in a happily ever after for everyone. His is coming, I swear.

Is this character based off someone you know in real life?
He is! He has a lot of characteristics and a similar personality to one of my best guy friends. He’s strong, loyal, brave, and he seriously fights for what he believes in. It’s hard not to fall in love with Dimitri.

In real life, would you hang out with this character?
In a heartbeat. I think Dimitri would have a lot to say and I’d spend all night listening to him. He’s wise beyond his years. He was forced to grow up early and I would feel really safe being in his company. (The dude is ginormous and he can turn into a wolf, okay? ‘Nuff said.) I’d like to think we could be best friends.

Where would you want him to take you on a date?
Hahaha. If I could convince Dimitri to take me on a date I think we would go to a baseball game. He seems to be fond of sports and it would be great to get him away from the drama of his life for a little while. I’m not really big on sports myself but I think it would be worth it to see him enjoy something so much.

Why do you love Dimitri?
I love him because of his heart. It’s been shattered beyond the point of repair yet he refuses to give up. He keeps moving forward and I admire his perseverance. No matter what has happened in his past Dimitri sticks true to what he believes in and it definitely makes him a worthy ally. Loyalty from Dimitri is truly invaluable.

Anything else we need to know about him?
Sorry, Ladies. Dimitri is gay. But I do feel the need to clear something up on his behalf. Despite his human half preferring men over women; his inner wolf does have a mind of its own and will try to pursue a she-wolf in heat. It’s very frustrating for him (and for me to write).

Interview with Dimitri Fridolf

Hi Dimitri! Thanks for joining us today. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi. My name is Dimitri Fridolf. I don’t really think there’s much to know about me. I don’t remember too much about my childhood but I think I’m from Massachusetts. I know I have the accent. My pack, and I use that term loosely, lingered around the area until I was eleven or so. My parents died when I was very little but I wish I could remember more about them. I loathe my alpha and I can’t wait for the day to come when I can kill him. It’s a death well deserved.

We'll start off easy, tell me some of your favorites.

Word- My favorite word has to be censored. It starts with an F and ends with an ‘uck’. Is that too much? Sorry. There are so many ways to say it and it has unlimited uses. My vocabulary is pretty colorful.

Color- I’ve always been a fan of brown but I think that’s because Liam’s eyes were such a beautiful brown color. I look good in brown too. I have a brown leather jacket that I sometimes wear in hot weather. Is that weird?

Food- I’m not biased when it comes to food. I’ll eat anything and everything I can get my hands on, though I do have a strong fondness for PB&J sandwiches.

Drink- Chocolate milk and coffee. I can’t live without either. Truth be told though…Liam loved chocolate milk and that’s when I started to like it too.

Subject in school- I never actually went to a real school. I was ‘home-schooled’ if we can call it that. I learned most things I know on my own. I’m not saying I’m the smartest cookie around but I know how to keep myself from getting killed. If I had to pick a subject I think it would have been music.

Where did you grow up? Like I said previously I was raised around Massachusetts but I’ve been all over the world. My pack didn’t settle in one place for too long.

Tell us about your family.
As far as I know my parents are dead. There’s one possibility about my father and I refuse to believe that. I don’t have any siblings that I know of, I can be my own pet, and I had a boyfriend but he died. This interview just went downhill fast, didn’t it?

Yikes! I'm sorry to hear that. What happened if you don't mind me asking?
Ehhh, like I said. He died. My alpha didn’t like that I was dating another man…let alone one of a different species. He ‘took care of it’ as he likes to say, but I’m going to take care of him soon enough. I miss Liam. He was my heart and we were supposed to be together for the rest of our lives. I’m still pissed about it.

How has that made you feel about love and marriage?
I thought love was beautiful once upon a time. I thought it would be my saving grace after a lifetime of hell and hate…but I was wrong. I think marriage can be a great thing if you love somebody enough, you know? I was going to marry my mate but I don’t think kids would’ve been a part of the package. Liam probably would’ve made an awesome dad…me though? I don’t know. I like kids but I’m not going to let my wolf get the better of me and bring on a pup. It’s too dangerous and a child deserves two loving parents. I never had that and I’d never put someone else through it.

Dimitri, thank you for taking the time to talk to me this morning. I wish you all the best of luck and I hear you'll get a happily ever after soon enough. Hang in there!

Stay in touch with T.E. Ridener to find out what happens with  Dimitri and the rest of his pack. You can follow her website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, or on Goodreads. You can purchase this book from Amazon U.S. or Amazon UK.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Love is a Fire Excerpt

In case you were still wondering whether or not to read Love is a Fire, here is a quick excerpt!

At mile four, Katy turned around as he lagged fifty feet back. She was going to ask if he wanted to push their run to seven miles, but seeing him huffing and puffing, she figured she already knew the answer. She jogged in place until he caught up. He saw her waiting and slowed to walk. Smirking, she questioned, “Thought you could hang for five miles?”

In between breaths, he mumbled, “I...didn’t...know we were...going to be...running record pace.”

Katy laughed. “Come on, macho man, it’s barely a seven minute mile.” She playfully punched his arm giving him a hard time.

Nick stood up having caught his breath. “Macho man, huh?” He reached out and in one swipe picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

Katy giggled as he carried her down the path then set her down. It was the second time in the span of a few hours that she’d laughed like a schoolgirl which was two times more than the past two years.  As her feet touched the ground, he let his hands linger on her waist. Even though they’d just met, the chemistry between them was undeniable.

Standing almost a foot taller than her, he leaned down to get a better look at her face. Katy’s heart did a somersault as she thought that he was going to kiss her. She jumped back stepping on a patch of ice. She looked like a cartoon character as her feet skidded and she ran in place trying to get her balance. Nick reached out to steady her and as she leaned into him, he caught the ice patch too. They both landed in a puddle of ice cold water.

Nick landed on his back with Katy on top of him. He had his arms wrapped around her tightly and despite the fact that the water was Arctic temperatures, she felt warm all over as she lay on him. She enjoyed the safety of his arms around her and her hormones were going crazy as she took in his scent. He was definitely wearing Paul Sebastian, it was a scent she had grown accustomed to since it was the cologne Jeremiah wore. As Katy lay on top of him reminiscing, she felt him shake her frantically.

“Katy, Katy, are you okay? Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. That was my fault.” Katy snapped back to reality. She realized she had him pinned down in the freezing water, although he was twice her size and could have moved her at any time he wanted.

She jumped up and offered her hand to him apologizing. He stood up laughing and pulled her into his arms, rubbing his hands up and down her arms trying to warm her up. “Was that your plan? Bring me to the park and take advantage of me?” he teased.

She stood in their embrace thinking she could get used to being in his arms and then pulled back. “I’m sorry, Nick, but I can’t do this.”

He looked at her confused. “Do what?”

“This. It’s just that...I don’t date. Especially not firefighters.”

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturday Morning Characters

Wow! It's been a whirlwind weekend since I published my debut novel Love is a Fire. I have seen and felt so much love from the entire indie writing world from fellow authors, reviewers, bloggers, and the list goes on. I've done author interviews and been offered to do book promos, I just can't believe it!

I want to be one of those authors that pays it forward to my colleagues so I'm going to try a series called "Saturday Morning Characters." The idea came to me from Saturday morning cartoons. I will host character interviews each Saturday morning from books of indie authors on my page. If you are an author that is interested in being featured here, please leave a comment or email me at 

Happy Writing!